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Weekends of

Exploration & Entertainment

Weekends are great times for fun and learning new things.  They are a wonderful time for family activities.

 Unfortunately many schools have cut out actual field trips due to the expense and time taken away from required instruction.

Have your children figure out what places they would like to explore.  Let them determine how they will get to the desired place, the mileage, what the cost will be and what they will learn from the experience.

Field Trips page

Plan a geocaching, letterboxing or orientation activity. I will never forget learning how to use a compass during my Boy Scout hikes.

Geocaching page

Find something in your yard or neighborhood that needs attention and have your children help plan a project to correct it.

Project-Based Learning page

Set aside some time for your child to follow their passion. 

Genius Hour page

Art page

Music page

Crafts and Hobbies page

This page has links to:

Art, Crafts, Hobbies, Quilting, Music, Photography, Scrapbooking, Stitchery and Woodworking

Weekends of Exploration & Entertainment

When our children were young we packed them up and spent the summer at my father-in-law’s house in Springfield, Massachusetts.  There were times I had to commute from our home in New York as I worked summer jobs (summer school, curriculum writing) but we dedicated each weekend to what we called E & E.  One day was for exploration and the other for entertainment.  The Triple AAA guidebooks are great for this purpose as well as Chambers of Commerce and Visitor Bureaus.

Exploration: Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe houses near Hartford, CT,  Springfield Armory, Chesterwood (Daniel Chester French), Norman Rockwell Museum,  Arrowhead (Herman Melville’s house), Gillette Castle, New England Air Museum...

Entertainment: Movies, amusement parks, lake, parks, town festivals (arts & crafts, Basketball Hall of Fame (they loved shooting basketballs at different hoops), Baseball Hall of Fame, Volleyball Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame…

Everything is learning!  Click on underlined words for page of links on that topic.

Shopping trips (Math Consumerism) teaching percentage off, best buy, simple adding & subtracting. Multiplying if getting more than one item.

Writing - Journals of trips - even day trips. Younger children can draw.

     Diary of the day's activities with time spent.

Letters to friends and family members.      

Geography - trip planning, map reading and keeping track of expenses (math).

Social Studies - places of interest nearby.  We had Exploration & Entertainment weekends.

Science - Astronomy - star gazing. Simple Experiments Rocks and Minerals,  Sea Shells and Marine Life and Animals.

Word of the Day and word play.  Vocabulary