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For Educators | NASA

Teaching Notes - Planet Project
Materials: Construction paper sheets of all the colors. Scissors, glue, tape or stapler. Rulers, crayons and markers. Blank white paper sheets.

Students are told that they will be researching a particular planet in the solar system. They first do a complete profile of that planet. Questions sheets are prepared for that research. After this is completed they draw their planet. Each group then presents their planet and shares what they have learned
with the rest of the class.

Earth and Space Science QUEST

Atlantis launch 5-14-10

 Endeavor 6/26/09 and Endeavor Launch 11-14-2008

Kennedy Space Center

NASA - Space Shuttle

The Hubble Heritage Project

How Space Shuttles Work

History of the Space Shuttle

360 Degree Panoramas NASA

Astronomy Almanac (Infoplease)

An Atlas of the Universe

Astronomy Dictionary
Solar System Glossary

Astronomy Today
American Astronomical Society

The Planetary Society

Ask the Space Scientist

NASA Homepage

Our Solar System

Physics & Astronomy

Space Place

Space Telescope Science Institute

StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Sitio de Spitzer en Español (NASA in Spanish)

Pictures - Virtual Planetarium

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Great Images in NASA library of images

Image of the Day Gallery

Earth Observatory (NASA)

Planetary Photojournal

Sky Maps

NASA Sun Earth Media Viewer

Cool Cosmos!

Views of the Solar System

Space Missions and History of Space Exploration and other links

NASA's Science Mission Directorate

The Apollo Program

Galileo: Journey to Jupiter

Kepler Mission: A first space mission to find Earth-size planets.

Comets - NASA

Space Missions

JPL Missions (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Manned Space Missions

Space exploration mission history and pictures

Weightlessness - microgravity

Explore – One teacher’s brilliant hands-on explanation of gravity

NASA Quest

Our Solar System

Universe Cosmology 101

Ancient Observatories

The Lesson Plan Library offers Astronomy and other science lesson plans

Stars and Constellations

Lists of Stars

The Constellations

Constellation Photos


NASA - Solar Eclipse Page

Solar Eclipse: What is a Total Solar Eclipse & When is the Next One?

Eclipse Facts | Upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Lunar Eclipse Computer

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Worldwide – Next 10 years

NASA - Sun-Earth Day - Eclipse

Solar Eclipse - Astronomy Games For Kids

Meteor Showers | American Meteor Society

Three Ways Students Can Explore Space From Their Desktops

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

Planetary Fact Sheets

Planets - Animation showing planetary movements

A Tour of the Solar System

Planets of the Solar System

Mr. Young's Bouncy A  SmartBoard Resources & Educational Activities Space Links

Google Sky

Google Moon

Astronomy For Kids

Atmospheric Optics

Your Weight On Other Worlds

Amazing Space

Pluto FactsDwarf Planets

How Space Stations Work - Howstuffworks (News, Space Flight, Science, Technology, Space Views, NightSky etc.

Solar System - List | Diigo

National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE)

A Super Galactic Discovery: Astronomers have spotted two supermassive black holes in the crowded center of a distant galaxy. And it's only a matter of time, they say, before the pair collide.
Encyclopedia Astronautica
Google Mars

Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Explore Mars Now

Welcome to the Planets: Mars


What is a galaxy?

Galaxies Galore

Galaxy Zoo

Solar System Simulator

Planet Quest

Planetary Science Research Discoveries

Exploring Planets in the Classroom

Planetary Rings Node

Planet Pairs Concentration Game

The Moon - Zoom Astronomy

Exploring the Moon

Inconstant Moon multimedia tours of the lunar surface

Moon Phases Calendar / Moon Schedule

Moon Watch

Hubble Site

The Satellite Site


Design a Satellite an interactive kiosk at the Littleton Historical Museum

NASA Satellite Tracking

Institute for Solar Physics

Observing the Sun for Yourself

Aerospace Web

NASA Instructional Units

Planet Impact

Chandra Educational Materials Stellar Evolution

NOVA Magnetic Storm PBS

Atmospheric Optics

Black Holes

Black Holes FAQ

Howstuffworks How Black Holes Work

Virtual Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars

Space Telescope Science Institute Black Holes Gravity's Relentless Pull


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