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Self-Determined Learning

#Genius Hour - #20Time

20% Time   #geniustime

#geniushour Wiki (also contains #GeniusHour Teacher Blogs...)

My #GeniusHour Mavens


The Global Genius Hour Project

Genius Hour Teacher Resources

#geniushour - ChatArchive

Genius Hour | Dare to Care

#GeniusHour in the Library

23 Videos That Sparked Genius Hour Thinking, Collaboration, and Actions

100 Minutes of Genius | It's All About Learning

Genius Hour is Personalized Learning | Today is a Great Day for Learning

The Nerdy Teacher: 20% Time In My Classroom

Designing 20% Time in Education

The Nerdy Teacher: #20 Time for the win!

Twenty Percent Time

What Do You Want To Learn? 20%

Freedom to Innovate: Google's "20% Time" Initiative - YouTube

Can you apply Google's 20% time in the classroom?

Harmonized Learning - A "20% Time" Learning Environment for Harmony Team Students

Google's 80/20 Principle Applies to Students

The 20% Academy is planning a

20 percent projects: 10 must-have tools

A Principal's Reflections: Autonomy Breeds Change  Professional Growth Period (PGP)

Personal Learning and Creation Time - YouTube

Personal Learning and Creation Time in Middle School

5 Strategies For Creating A Genius Mindset In Students

The Best Resources For Applying “Fed Ex Days” To Schools | Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day…

Genius Hour Completed Projects

My Makerspaces Page

My What Students Want Page

My Smackdown Page (2 minutes of genius sharing)

My Passion-Based Learning Page


What is Genius Hour? - Integrating Technology: My Journey

What’s So Genius about Genius Hour? | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension

The Complete Guide to 20% Time (and Genius Hour) in the Classroom – A.J. Juliani

My Own Genius Hour - @JoyKirrMy Own Genius Hour: Genius Hour: An Avenue to Better Teaching

Creating Passion Projects (Genius Hour) - What's going on in Mr. Solarz' Class?

The Genius Hour: How 60 minutes a week can electrify your job | Daniel Pink

The Nerdy Teacher: #20Time Makes a Difference #edchat

'Genius hour': Students, what would you like to learn today? -

Genius Hour Plan Sheet

Genius Hour Guidelines - Rubric

Genius Hour Evaluation Template

Genius Hour LiveBinder (Alyssa Calhoun)

Genius Hour - LiveBinder (Joy Kirr)

GeniusTime - Craig Nansen on Diigo

Genius Hour - Where Passions Come Alive | Genius Hour

Genius Hour « Engage Their Minds

Introducing Genius Hour and Entrepreneurial Adventure!


Scholars in Room 239: Genius Hour

"Genius Hour" for Kindergarten? Is that even possible?

Teaching is Elementary: Genius Hour Reviewed

The “Genius” of My School’s Genius Hour | Daisy Dyer Duerr

20% Time Blogging Project-BHS Digital Literacy No More Genius Hours, 20% Time or FedEx Days | Self-Determined Learning

Passion Time Flowchart

Krebs' Class Blogs  Our Latest Genius Hour Projects

Tales From Genius Hour on Vimeo

This is my Genius Hour, This is my Passion Project

Genius Hour / 20% time Notes @craigyen

What Happens When You Give Students the Control?

Primetime: Putting the conditions for intrinsic motivation into homework in 2nd grade | Findings

Our Expectations of Creative Genius

How to Ignite Intellectual Curiosity in Students | Edutopia

How to Stimulate Curiosity and Promote Learning | TIME

How to Stimulate Curiosity | MindShift

What to do when your kids find their "passion"

Curious Homework: An Inquiry Project for Students and Parents | Edutopia

Can Heutagogy Save Education? Study of Self-Determined Learning

Self-Directed vs. Self-Determined Learning; What's the Difference?

My Self-Directed Learning Page

My Creativity Page