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As a result of #edcampChicago
I came up with the idea of a Geocaching QR Scan-venger Hunt!  My QR Codes page 

Teacher Notes

I used to enjoy having my students find treasures from a map of the school that I created.  Those were the days when I had them use compasses!

See my idea for a Geocaching QR Scan-venger Hunt for an

Orientation to School


Letterboxing North America

Example PBL Project: Letterboxing

Atlas Quest: A Letterboxing Community

What is Letterboxing? Stamps, Treasure Hunting, and Older than Geocaching! - YouTube


What is orienteering?

YouTube - O.MOV - Orienteering - USOF

Open Directory - Sports: Orienteering

World of O: The best starting point for International Orienteering News

Resources for Orienteering

US Orienteering Federation

Orienteering for the Young

Photographs by Cybrary Man

The map shown is from an educational booklet that I wrote and shows street where I used to live in New York.  The signs are from a photograph I took while in Alaska.



Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Geocaching > Frequently Asked Questions About Geocaching

A Beginner's Guide and Tutorial to Geocaching A High-Tech Treasure Hunt

Learn about the benefits of geocaching

Geocaching : How To Use Technology To Get Into Nature @coolcatteacher

Hiding a Geocache

A geocaching treasure hunt helped my students learn about the landscape | Teacher Network | Guardian Professional

Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages | Hoagies' Gifted

The Geocaching Blog

Open Directory - Recreation:
Outdoors: Geocaching

Geocaching for Educators - Teaching Hacks

GPS - Geocaching in the Classroom - LiveBinder

Geocaching for Educators

"How GPS Receivers Work"

Two-Way Radios and Geocaching: Modern Treasure Hunting with Radios

Geocaching with NaviCache
Geocaching FAQ

Hoagies' Gifted: Geocaching: The sport for gifted kids of all ages

Geocaching > Bookmark Lists > QR Code Caches


Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint
World Map

Dr. Alice Christie's GPS and Geocaching Guide for Educators

GPS Lesson Plans - Educaching, a GPS-Based Curriculum for Teachers

The Mad Cacherís GeoCaching Blog

GPS Receiver Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, Magellan and other GPS Receivers

GPS & GIS Lesson Plans
The Science Spot


Hand-Held Devices in the Classroom