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Teaching Notes: My Monthly Calendar
For each month I made a monthly calendar on a large poster board. For each day I found an important person’s birthday or important event. I used these posters each year. Without even realizing it I had created a multicultural calendar of famous people and events.

My Multicultural page

On what day of the week were you born?
Guess Your Birthday

The TimeNow: Calendars

Some Monthly Occurrences

New Years
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Groundhog Day
Chinese New Year
Presidents' Day
Valentine's Day
American Heart Month
Black History Month
My February page

Dr. Seuss - March 2nd
Pi Day - March 14th
St. Patrick's Day
Women's History Month
My March page
April Fool's Day
and April Holidays

Earth Day
Holocaust Remembrance Day
My April page

Cinco de Mayo
Mother's Day
Memorial Day
My May page

Flag Day
Father's Day
My June page

July 4th
July 14th - Bastille Day

August Holidays

Labor Day
Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept 15th - Oct. 15th
September 11th
My September page

Christopher Columbus

Fire Prevention Month
My October page

Election Day
Veteran's Day
My November page

My December Holidays page
Pearl Harbor Day

ESL Holiday Lessons: Lesson Plans for ESL / EFL

DTSD1stGrade - Monthly Links

Customize countdown


The Teacher's Corner - Calendars

Calendar | EDSITEment

Freedom's Feast - American Holidays

How to Create a Click and Learn Digital Calendar | Tech Learning @shellterrell

On This Day

Today in History - events, birthdays and deaths

dMarie Time Capsule: On This Day In History...

Historic American Newspapers - Chronicling America (The Library of Congress)

This Day in History: History Channel

This Day in Music History

Daily Holidays & Celebrations

Holidays Calendar

Today in Literature

Calendars: A guide to locating events for each day of the year

When is (American, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim Holidays)

Multiple Perspectives: Calendars

Happy Birthday page

Daylight Saving Time - History

Time and Date

The Time Now: What Time Is It

100th Day of School page

Keeping Everyone Informed
A Hallway Calendar of Important Events, Dates

10,000-Year Calendar!

Date calculator, add or subtract days to or from a given date

American Holidays

Photographs and Art by Cybrary Man

Intercalary - A day inserted in the calendar to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year.

Leap Year

Leap Year 101 – Next, When, List, Days, Calendar, Years, Calculation, Last, Rules — Infoplease

Will this be a Leap Year? | Yummy Math

Seasonal Information & Holidays

My Fall page

My Winter - Snow Fun page

My Spring page

EARTH'S Seasons - Zoom Astronomy