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 Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd
Earth Day should be every day!

Global Oneness Project

Explore Your Environment

Directions: Spend 15 minutes outside or inside your home or school. Use your senses to answer these questions:

1. List everything you see.
2. Breathe in and describe what you smell.
3. Close your eyes and list the sounds that you hear. Where did they come from?
4. Touch something (not another person) close by and describe how it feels.

Learning About Your Environment
Culver Company, Inc.
Written by Cybrary Man

Cooperative Learning Activity Environment

Earth Day which should be celebrated every day lends itself to several cooperative learning sessions.

After doing research on their topic they have to come up with a final product to illustrate what they have learned.  Projects can include recyclable art, compost heap, explanation of the recycling symbols, layered rainforest bulletin board, house showing possible toxic products, etc.

You can divide your class into the following groups where the students will be experts in these areas:


Global Warming

The Toxic House

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Acid Precipitation

Going Green


Renewable Resources

Nonrenewable Resources

Environmental Careers

My Rainforest Page

Going Green

Greener Choices: Products for a Better Planet

National Green Pages

Composting Sites

How Composting Works (How Stuff Works)

Master Composter

Open the Door to B4: Compost in a Bucket

Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Sites

Renewable Energy Sources

Green Technology & Alternative Energy

Global Warming - Climate Change
35 Critical Facts about Global Warming

Global Warming Frequently Asked Questions

EPA Climate Change Kids Site

Climate Change

Global Warming - NFW

Greenhouse Effect - animated diagram

Climate Change Wildlife and Wildlands - Toolkit

Acid Precipitation Sites
Acid Rain Program: EPA's Clean Air Market Programs

NASA - Ozone Resource Page

Waste and Hazardous Substances
The Toxic House

How Can My Community Reduce Waste?

Tox Town: An Interactive Guide to Commonly Encountered Toxic Substances

Environmental Careers

EPA Careers US EPA

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Program 

Animal Info - Information on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals

Alaska Scenery
Photograph by Cybrary Man

ActionBioscience - promoting bioscience literacy

Air Pollution and Weather

How Air Pollution Affects Climate: NASA Mission Explores | LiveScience

Air Pollution Linked to Millions of Deaths -

How Pollution Affects Climate and Weather | eHow

Air Quality | Clean Air | Air Pollution


Earth Day Resources

The History of Earth Day

Earth's Birthday Project

Earth Day (Today in History)

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Videos - WatchKnow

Earth Day Video Writing Prompts | TeachHUB

Education World: Awesome Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists and Classroom Ideas | Edutopia

Earth Day - Surfnetkids

Earth Day - Symbaloo

Earth Day Groceries Project

Think Green Guide - Tips and Resources for Earth-Friendly Learning Projects | Edutopia

Best Books for Teaching About Earth Day

Teacher Planet Earth Day Theme

Protecting Our Precious Planet: Sharing the Message of Earth Day - ReadWriteThink

Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plans - Environment

Earth Day Activities | Have Fun Teaching

50 Earth Day Activities

Keeping our planet green - Earth Day, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Plants, Forests, Environment - Mr. Donn

Every day is Earth Day!- Starfall

Earth_Day Printables - Play2Learn Printables

A Billion Acts of Green | Earth Day Network

Recycling Links

Best Books for Teaching About Recycling

Dumptown Game

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Theme Page - links

Recycling Symbols

The Imagination Factory - Creative ways to recycle by making art

Education World: Back to Nature: Investigating Trash

Instructables - Green Home, Environment & Recycling

National Environmental Education Foundation

America Recycles Day Nov. 15th

Arbor Day links

Ecosystem Diamante Poetry Science Lesson Plan

Environmental Awareness Knowing Your World

Natural Resources - abcTeach

What's really going on underground: The Dirt on Soil DiscoverySchool

National Geographic Explorer Magazine

Biosphere Food Chains - Geography4Kids

EPA - EnviroMapper: for your area.
AIRNow - Quality of Air - US Map

Wonderville - Fun Science Activities for Kids

Best Books for Teaching About the Environment

EPA Student Center

Environmental Defense

Environmental News Network

Earthweek: A Diary of the Planet

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Zip Code Search

EPA Heat Island Site

Consumers Union Guide to Environmental eco-labels

Build an Eco-Sphere


EcoKids Activities and Games


Plastic Bag Bracelet

The Earth Times: People/Politics/Global Change

Terms of Environment - Dictionary

Environmental Education for Kids!

Environmental Diseases from A to Z

Famous Environment Activists

P.O.V.'s Borders . Environment

The Environmental Literacy Council

Radon Publications - A Citizen's Guide to Radon

How Scientists Study Toxic Chemicals

"How do you clean up an oil spill?"

Free English Lessons Online: Intermediate English Reading: The Gulf Oil Spill

Global Marine Oil Pollution Information Gateway Kids' pages

My Biomes Page