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We have to do more to inform, educate, involve, support and empower parents.

Parent Toolkit      Introverted Children





The Adoption History Project

Adoption: MedlinePlus - Learn About Baby Adoption, International Adoption, Adoption Agencies

National Adoption Day

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Stepparenting: 9 Dos and Don'ts

Stepfamily Network

'Being a Stepmother Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be' | Jenifer Fox


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#dadchat  #DadsTalking community on Twitter

ACFC: American Coalition for Fathers and Children

Strong Fathers – Strong Families

National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse -

Ten Ways to Involve Fathers in Their Children's Education

CFFPP Center for Family Policy and Practice

The Fatherhood Institute » The UK's fatherhood think tank

Fathering Magazine


Fathers Network

Great Dad - Advice for Expectant Dads, New, Single, Stay at Home dads with Parenting Information and Pregnancy Care

Bruce Sallan - "A Dad's Point-of-View™" Columnist, Speaker, and Blogger

National Center for Fathering

National Fatherhood Initiative

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National Foster Parent Association

Foster Parenting - Fostering, Care, Parents, Kids, Homes, Information, Agencies, Books

A year in the life of a foster parent | Society | The Guardian

ChildNet - Leading abused children to safety and stability

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Not Your GrandParents! How Grandparents & Grandchildren Relationships are Different Today

Magic Happens When Grandparents Care for Grandchildren | NAEYC For Families

Quotes & Sayings about Grandparents

Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren: Rights and Responsibilities

Picture of "Venom's Home" a grandchild/grandfather project made from recycled materials.  Note the solar roof from Venom's package.  Curtains on windows were made by grandma.

National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents' Day

Grandparents Day activities - crafts for kids, word searches, stories and teaching ideas

Grandparents Day Crafts and Cards - EnchantedLearning

Education World ® Lesson Planning Ten Great Activities for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day - Ideas for Teaching, Resources for Lesson Plans, and Activities for Unit Planning

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Making Lemonade: The Single Parent Network

Parents Without Partners

Single Parents Network

Single Spouse

Single Parents | Child Support and Child Custody | Help for Single Moms and Dads

Directory of Grants for Single Mothers - Stresses of Single Parenting

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Screen It: Entertainment Reviews for Parents

Kids-In-Mind Ratings

Dr. Toy's Guide on the Internet

Parents' Choice Foundation

Tracing Paper: how to write the alphabet in pre-school

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Parent-Teacher Communication/Conferences Page (Cybrary Man)


Parent Support Groups

My wife helped establish a Parent Center in the community where we lived.  Parents went through extensive training with the licensed Social Worker to become parent facilitators.  Some of the programs that were given: Sibling Rivalry, How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, Getting Ready for Middle School, Single Parents and Parents of Children with Special Needs...Parents and Teachers were welcome to use our Resource Library and talk to the Social Worker, Parent Facilitators and other Administrators.

Strengthening Parent Partnerships | Edutopia

20 Ways to Increase Parental Involvement - Simplek12

A Guide to Hosting Your Own ParentCamp | Edutopia

Partnering with Parents: 12+ Resources for the School Year : Teacher Reboot Camp

A Parent's Guide to 21st-Century Learning | Edutopia

Parent Toolkit

Education Week: Schools Are Using Social Networking to Involve Parents

A Principal's Reflections: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Engaging Parents

Parenting | Or-Tal's Writings

Remind101- safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents. Free

5 Ideas To Bring Parents Into The Learning Process | Connected Principals

5 Ways to Enrich Your Classroom Through Parent Engagement

5 Reasons to Get Involved - SchoolFamily

Cultivating, Running A Great Parent Volunteer Program

7 Ways to Increase Parent Participation at Back to School Time - VolunteerSpot

Overcoming 10 common barriers to parental engagement | The Creative Education Blog

A Dozen Activities to Promote Parent Involvement!

19 Proven Tips for Getting Parents Involved at School | Edutopia

Parent Involvement in Schools


Parent Involvement Matters

PTO Today: Ideas, Help, and Advice For PTO / PTA Groups
Involvement Matters: What To Tell Parents - PTOToday
One Last Dance - A mom who got involved says thanks for the memories.PTOToday

Engaging Parents in School

Tips for Engaging Parents this School Year | ESL Library Blog

School Engagement Among Parents of Middle School Youth

HIP Get Involved

Parents Helping Parents - Parent Support Groups

Open Directory - Home: Family: Parenting: Support Groups

How to Engage Parents at a Title I School | Parentella

Are Parents Relevant to Students' High School Achievement and Post-Secondary Attainment?

Free Parenting Resources on Middle and High School Parent Involvement

Parent Engagement: Exploring Key Roles in the K12 Ecosystem

Parents-Partners in teaching and learning


Urban Moms

Reward Charts 4Kids

NAGC - Start a Parent Support Group

Support for Parents of Gifted Children - How to Start a Parent Group

SENG-Model Parent Support Groups

Hoagies' Gifted: Gifted Online Communities

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education (NCPIE)

Urgent need for effective family and community engagement in raising student achievement and driving school reform

Parenting for an Age of Information

Transfigurations of Parent Involvement That Work for 21st Century

School Family - Helping parents help their kids succeed at school

The K5 Blog - Elementary Education for Parents

Digital Parents

My Digital Citizenship Page

Second Language Parent Techie | A blog for 21st Century Parents

Moms with Apps

Tech Savvy Mama - Helping parents select quality technology for their children

EduGuide | Parents Homepage

Foster a Can-Do Attitude Towards Your Child's Elementary School Success

Foster Your Child’s Strengths Four ways to help your child succeed by recognizing — and developing — his talents. - Tips for Parents of ADD / ADHD Kids

Fostering your child's success in mathematics.

JustAsk: Questions and Answers |

KIDO'Z - Safe,easy and fun internet for kids

Parenting articles- Momscape

Parenting Teens Online - Expert Answers on School Issues

Ready Web: School Readiness

Secret Builders is a safe, fun virtual world where kids live, learn and play.

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My ADD/ADHD page

Parenting Center: Health and Parenting - Parenting Tips and Advice from WebMD

Child and Teen Health Topics

Children with Spina Bifida

FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts (National Pediculosis Association)

My Health pages

Home and Recreational Safety - CDC

Home Safety Council

I'm Safe! (Car Safety, Water Safety, Bike Safety, Pet Safety, Baby Safety etc.)

Kids Health

Parent Tips from Kelly Bear's Leah Davies

Safe Kids USA

Saferparks: Amusement Parks and Traveling Carnivals

My Safety Pages

Teen Growth: All About Your Health

The Balanced Mind Foundation - Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Vaccines and Immunizations - CDC

WebMD Health: Parenting News


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Child Care Aware: Find Quality Child Care

Early Head Start National Resource Center


National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

Parenting advice for Parenting the At Risk Child

Parental Involvement at the Middle School Level

Parenting of K-6 Children

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National PTA

PTO Today Online


NPIN: National Parent Information Network

National Parenting Center

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Positive Parenting | Single Parenting | Teen Parenting

Parenting Articles | ChildUp Blog

Inspire My Kids | Inspirational Stories, Videos and Projects for Children and the Adults in Their Lives

My Mommy Reads

Hoagies' Gifted: Parenting Gifted Children

NAGC - Publications - Parenting for High Potential

Resources For Parents of Gifted Children (Child Development Institute)

More Gifted Parenting sites are on the Gifted and Talented Page

Disney Family - Answers to everyday family life including recipes, entertainment, parenting, coupons, travel & more

Want kids to be happy?  Teach gratitude

Parenting Adolescents

Parent Girls

Empowering Girls with Confidence and Self Belief - Wonderlicious

Free Parenting Tips for Parents of Teens - Help with Teenagers

Mom it Forward


Less than Perfect Parents

New Parent Magazine

The Parent Backpack

Parent Link

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All Family Resources

Family Education Network

Family Matters

Family Resources, Inc.

Families and Work Institute

Child & Family Web Guide

Involving Family

Family Page on Cybrary Man

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FindLaw Family Law Center: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Marriage, Adoption

50 States Summary of Breastfeeding Laws

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Parent Smart Search Engine
Find the best articles to help your child
succeed in school

Family Friendly Search

KidsClick! Web Search for kids by librarians

Yahoo! Kids

Kids' Tools for Searching the Internet

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Teacher Notes: Invite parents in to your classroom at the beginning of the year and do a hands-on workshop with them showing them how you will be using technology in your class.  Then plan a Tech Night where the children can demonstrate how they are using technology

 Teach Parents Tech - A Good Way to Send Tech Help

My Family Events page

eFace - Electronic Family and Community Engagement

Digital Parents

My Digital Citizenship page

Teach Parents Tech

Parents As Partners in Safer Technology Practice
jhengstler’s blog

Teach Mama

Digital Parents Keeping kids safe on the web

Using Tech To Meet Parents Where They Are | Connected Principals

Moms with Apps

Tech Savvy Mama - Helping parents select quality technology for their children

Helping Children Find What They Need on the Internet

Family Center on Technology and Disability

Global Community of Disability-Related Resources

How to Talk to Your Kids About Anything

My Mental Health page

My Social Emotional Learning SEL page

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