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Parent Teacher
Conferences & Communication
Establish a positive working relationship right from the beginning. 
Find out the best way to communicate with each other.

Before school starts send a letter home to parents introducing yourself and
what their children wil be learning in your class.
Also send a post card to each incoming student welcoming them to your class.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Teacher Notes

Please remember to greet parents/guardians warmly.  Arrange a nice seating area to conduct the interviews. Consider having a student led conference (see links below).  Always start with something positive about the child.  Be prepared with examples of the student's work. Use "I feel" messages and avoid confrontations.  Speak in ways the parents will understand.  End the meeting on a positive note.

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True Story About Good Letters

 Early in my teaching career I decided to send home with my students some good letters to their parents/guardians.  I wanted the children complimented on their good work and behavior.  One student went home and said he had a letter from his teacher.  His parent punished him until she found out it was a “good” letter.  No other teacher had ever sent a “good” letter home before!  I quickly learned to tell the students to say it was a “good” letter from their teacher.

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Creating a Home-School Partnership

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When communicating I suggest using "I feel" message to avoid confrontations.

Teachers should also state positive things about the student to the parent.

My Body Language Page

Plan times where the students can learn along with their parents.  To find information on family events (subject area fairs or nights) please see:

My Family Events Page

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