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Digital Citizenship
"Be a good citizen in a digital world." @cybraryman1
ISTE Standard 1: Digital Citizen
Students recognize the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they act and model in ways that are safe, legal and ethical.

ISTE Standards for Students page    ISTE Standards for Teachers


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Digital Citizenship Mavens


(Acceptable Use Policies) page

Bullying page

 Cyber Bullying page

 Cyber Security page

 Identity Theft page

 Digital Footprints page

 Etiquette, Netiquette, Social Skills page

Keeping Children Safe

Google Family Safety Center

CyberWise | Helping Parents, Educators, (and Kids!) Understand and Use New Media Tools to Invigorate Education!

NetSmartz: Keeping Kids and Teens Safe on the Internet

Teach Your Child How to Use the Internet 

Helping Kids Thrive in a Digital World - The Tech Edvocate

Internet Security Education | @ISC2Cares - Center for Cyber Safety and Education

Safety Land - Internet Safety Connections Game

Cyber-Five Internet Safety | ABCya! - Cyber-Five is a short animation which introduces children to five helpful rules to be safer on the internet.

The Upright Digital Citizen | Respectful attitudes and behaviors that embrace learning.

Equipping pupils with e-safety skills from an early age

Scope and Sequence: Common Sense K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum | @CommonSense Media

Digital Citizenship Curriculum Grades 3-5| Common Sense Education

Digital Citizenship Course - Grades 5-8 @patriciasmeyers

New 'digital citizenship' curriculum helps students become responsible tech users

Teaching Digital Citizenship to Various Age Groups - The Tech Edvocate

Moving Students From Digital Citizenship To Digital Leadership @sylviaduckworth @JCasaTodd @TeachThought

Amplifying Student Voice While Teaching Digital Citizenship - The Tech Edvocate

How to Sharpen Your Students’ Digital Citizenship Skills - The Edvocate

How to Include Digital Citizenship into Your Curriculum - The Tech Edvocate

Media and Technology Resces for Educators | Common Sense Media

Teaching Digital Citizenship to Various Age Groups - The Tech Edvocate

Digital Citizenship in Action | Getting Smart

Modeling Digital Citizenship in the Classroom - The Tech Edvocate

The Best Digital Citizenship Curriculum @coolcatteacher

What's Missing in Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum? - The Tech Edvocate

A Getting Started Guide to Digital Citizenship Education @coolcatteacher @s_bearden

Modeling Digital Citizenship in the Classroom - The Edvocate

Bringing digital citizenship into the school curriculum

Be Internet Awesome - Google

We Spent a Month on Digital Citizenship and Here's What Happened | Common Sense Education

Classroom Posters - Digital Citizenship Common Sense Media @CommonSense

5 Ways to Teach Digital Citizenship to Your Students – The Tech Edvocate

8 Must Have Digital Citizenship Apps, Tools, and Resces - The Edvocate

20+ Digital Citizenship Videos

Cyber Safety - 21 Things4Students - 21 Things 4 Students - @REMCAssociation

27 Ways to Teach Your Students to Be Good Digital Citizens - The Edvocate

Digcit Daily

Sexting Handbook - @CommonSense

Sexting: What K-12 Schools Should Know - The Tech Edvocate

Digital Passport by Common Sense Media

Creating a Collaborative and Safe Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) | Gallery Teachers @shellterrell

Digital Citzenship for Kids by Kids #digcitkids


Mr. Young's Bouncy "A" - Internet Safety Videos

MediaSmarts - Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

Canadian Centre for Child Protection: NeedHelpNow

Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Digital Citizenship - Using Technology Appropriately

GetNetWise You're one click away

Stay Safe Online

STEP - Stop, THINK, Empathize then Post