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School Culture

Build a culture of comprehensive excellence for your school campus.

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Teacher Notes

Teachers changed a school culture!

In my first school a group of us young teachers got together and decided to do something to turn around the wild situation in our inner city school. We organized a clean up of the lot across from the school.  We  formed class flag football teams and scheduled games after school.  We also started a cheerleader squad.  All of this was done on our own.  We all chipped in and gave our time.  At the end of the season we organized a party for all the participants and gave out trophies.

During the flag football competition I noticed that a lot of the students were fast. When the gym teacher started a school track team the NYC police officer and I helped coach that team.  We won all our dual meets, the Brooklyn championship and went on to win the NYC championship.  Track page


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School Climate and Discipline

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