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In The Classroom and in Y School

Start by Building Community in Y Classroom right from day one.

  One rule system: "No one has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, or well being of another student."

Teacher Tip

"Start the day with a morning meeting and end the day with an exit slip of learning." A Cybrary Man quote.

Morning Meetings page

Responsive Classroom

Exit Slips & Debriefing page

I would have students who had a question or problem either speak to me before class started or give me a note. I told them I had no idea what was going on in their lives or the difficulties they faced.

Building a Learning Community
in Y Classroom

Make sure you let y students know that they matter.
You Matter page
and they can learn from their mistakes.  Learning from Mistakes page


Develop y class rules/expectations with y students. Periodically review them.  Classroom Rules/Expectations

Creating a Culture for Learning in Classrooms: Tribes Learning Community

Why You Need a Class Song - The Power of Music - How a Class Song Can Unify y classroom - Simplek12

Ideas for Building Community in Classrooms and Schools  

Creating a Classroom Community Scholastic

How to Use Edtech to Help Y Students Bond - The Tech Edvocate

Building Relationships with Students page

Dealing with shy students

Encaging Class Participation

Motivating Students page

Team Building page