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Coping Strategies

Learn how to deal with stress. Focus on the big picture and don't try to conquer everything at once. Make sure you make time to do fun things with your family.

Helping Kids Cope With Stress

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Stress Management For Parents

Stress Management Tips For Parents

Practice relaxation techniques

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Exercise regularly

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Practice good nutrition

My Nutrition Page

Set goals that are attainable.  Remember that Rome was not built in just one day.  It takes time to become a good teacher or administrator.


When I first started teaching I quickly realized that each day took a lot out of me mentally and physically.  I had to learn to balance my work life with my family time.

My Teacher Burnout page

I attribute my excellent attendance record because I learned how to deal with stress (and I taught in a school that was air conditioned with bullet holes and you tripped over crack vials on your way inside).

East New York - Brooklyn

I exercised regularly and ate properly.

On weekends I made sure that I did fun things to recharge my batteries.

Surround yourself with colleagues who will support you and not dwell on negatives.  Be careful what you say in Teacher Rooms.

Top Tips for Stress Management and Self-Care

Establish a good PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter

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Connect with other people via Twitter Hashtags

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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.