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Please use the BLS page search engine to find careers that match your interest.

As a result of the BLS changing  all of their URLs I cannot keep up.

Planning For Your Work Future
Culver Company, Inc.
Written by Cybrary Man

The first curriculum I wrote was a study of the neighborhood where I taught.  I included what life was like in that community 100 years ago.  I had the students compare the jobs they had then with the ones now.

Open Doors
A School-Business Partnership

 Cybrary Man wrote career education curriculum for Open Doors in New York City in the 1970's and 1980's.  This organization helped the students in the New York City schools learn about the econo, what makes the city function and what possibilities exist for them. 

Open Doors encouraged businesses to open their doors to students through company tours, speakers, part-time jobs, internships, the loan of transportation for class trips, and any other approach that broke down the isolation of schools.

wife was in charge of the very successful “Lawyers in the Classroom Program.” This program not only had lawyers speak to students but provided trips to the court system.  Cybrary Man is grateful to Open Doors for starting his writing career.



After young children are introduced to Community Helpers I feel not enough is done in terms of showing students the possible jobs available to them throughout their school journey.

Community Helpers page

Classroom Jobs page

I feel that career education should be infused into all subject areas and on all grade levels.

Careers page

Linking Core Subjects to Careers

"On January 23, 1974, Mr. Blumengarten's presentation at the New York Times workshop was considered one of the best sessions because teachers were inspired by a classroom teacher on how he opened doors to the real world for his students..." (Patricia R. Reilly - State Project to Implement Career Education)


School-Business Partnership Page

Our inner city middle school had a unique program that started in the seventh grade and continued in the eighth grade.  Students once a week went to a facility.  Read more about this award winning program here:

Middle School Health Careers Program