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Classroom Jobs
Teacher Notes: Students enjoy helping and classroom jobs gives them a chance for some responsibility as well.  During teaching career middle school students really liked having jobs in the classroom.

I had students fill out a job application form and then undergo an interview for a class position.

I feel that careers should be infused into all subject areas and on all grade levels.

We were required to give homework daily.

From: Homework System Page

Homework Monitors
For each marking quarter I used three different homework monitors. The “Collected Homework Monitor” would collect all homeworks at the beginning of the period. Students in each class knew that the first thing they had to do when coming into the classroom was to place the completed homework assignment on their desk.

The “Returned Homework Monitor” would take the corrected homeworks from the left pocket at the beginning of the class and return them to the students. If the student was absent the monitor would place the paper back in the “Returned Homework” pocket.

The “Homework Recording Monitor” would take the page protected paper out and write the number of the homework assignment, date and assignment on the paper. The homework sheet in the page protector was then returned to the folder. Students who had been absent or not sure of an assignment would then take that sheet to copy missing homework assignments and then replace it in the folder.


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