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Open Doors

A School-Business Partnership

Cybrary Man wrote career education curriculum for Open Doors in New York City in the 1970's and 1980's.  This organization helped the students in the New York City schools learn about the economy, what makes the city function and what possibilities existed for them. 

Open Doors encouraged businesses to open their doors to students through company tours, speakers, part-time jobs, internships, the loan of transportation for class trips, and any other approach that broke down the isolation of schools.

My wife was in charge of the very successful “Lawyers in the Classroom Program.” This program not only had lawyers speak to students but provided trips to the court system.  Cybrary Man is grateful to Open Doors for starting his writing career.

I used to take classes to the courtrooms.  Every judge used to stop the trial procedure as we entered the courtroom, introduce us, have the attorneys explain who they were, etc.  At the break the judge would speak to the children and usually state: "This is the first and last time I want to see any of you in my courtroom!" The judge would explain  to the students what they had seen and then answer any of their questions.  Then the judge's secretary would give the students a talk about not getting involved in drugs or other criminal activities. Each time it was an outstanding experience.  This was all arranged through Open Doors.

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Our inner city school created partnerships with local hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, senior centers and day care centers.  Once a week throughout the school year our students, in blue jackets with name tags, visited these facilities.  They learned about the work world, shadowed professionals and created wonderful bonds with senior citizens.  I was very proud to be a part of this outstanding Middle School Health Careers Program.

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