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Finding The Right Assessment Tools For Your Classroom
The Tech Edvocate

Is Assessment Ready to Move Beyond Standardized Tests? These MIT Researchers Think So. | @EdSurge News

Gauge – Using Assessment to Improve Learning and Teaching Efficiency | Emerging Education Technologies

Authentic Assessment

What is Authentic Assessment? (Authentic Assessment Toolbox)

Digital Authentic Assessment - LiveBinder

Authentic Assessment Overview - TeacherVision

The Merits of Using Authentic Assessments - The Edvocate

Formative and Summative Assessments

Embracing Formative Assessment @web20classroom

3 Quick Formative Assessment Examples for Teachers @ClassTechTips

11 Edtech Tools That Make Formative Assessment a Breeze @techedvocate

Top Tips for Fast Formative Assessment that Works @coolcatteacher

Creating Formative and/or Summative Assessments with Video - The Tech Edvocate

Classroom Assessment | Basic Concepts - Formative vs. Summative Assessments

Portfolio Assessment

Portfolio Assessment: Virtues, Vices, and Examples - Learning Deeply - Education Week

Peer and Self Assessment

Self and Peer Assessment Overview

Gifted Assessment

Hoagies' Gifted: Assessing Gifted Children

Testing and Assessment | Hoagies' Gifted

Teacher Notes

Have your students design their own assessments to measure what they have learned. 

 Exit Slips - Debriefing page

 Feedback page



Assessment Overhaul: Tools for Rethinking Assessment in the New Year! — Emerging Education Technologies

Exploring Low Stakes Assessments | Emerging Education Technologies

How Is Ed Tech Shaping the Future of Assessment?

Classtime – Immediate Assessment and Feedback on Students’ Understanding | Emerging Education Technologies

Charting Pre and Post-Assessment Data - Update - Teaching with Technology

How Technology Can Be Used to Create Better Assessments - The Edvocate

Why All Assessments Should be Digital - The Tech Edvocate

Build Better Assessments With  "21st Century Assessment" Rubric - Emerging Education Technologies

Three Handy Rubrics for Assessment Creation - The Edvocate

4 Examples Of Increasing Rigor in Summative Assessment @BarbBlackburn

7 Ways to Differentiate Instruction Through Assessment @coolcatteacher

8 Strategies to Quickly Assess Prior Knowledge @BarbBlackburn

Digital Assessment Tools @sscragg @UFT

Assessment Advice & Forms for Teachers (Grades K-12) - TeacherVision

Kaizena - High quality feedback. Empower students to improve skills through feedback from their peers and teachers.

Plickers - Simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.

Measuring Impact with the Digital Practice Assessment (DPA)


Assessment and Rubrics - Kathy Schrock

Rubrics for Assessment

360-Degree Feedback Appraisal, Multi Rater Feedback, Peer Review FAQs

Multiple Assessments to Determine True Learning - The Edvocate

How to Write an Assessment Based on a Behaviorally Stated Objective

Three Handy Rubrics for Assessment Creation - The Edvocate

Three Procedures to Ensure Accurate Results on Standardized Assessments - The Edvocate

7 Things That Educators Should Know About Assessment and Evaluation - The Edvocate

34 Strategies For The Stages Of Assessment: Before, During & After

The Nation's Report Card - National Assessment of Educational Progress - NAEP

PISA - Program for International Student Assessment


Education - OECD

 Quiz & Test Generator page

 Rubrics page

 Data-Driven Instruction page