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Teacher Notes
Students and teachers want to know how well they are doing. Providing positive feedback is important as it will motivate them to learn more.  When they make a mistake we want them to learn from it as well. 

Learning from Mistakes page

Feedback should be given in a timely manner and can be done in many ways. 

When I taught I always marked my students' work and handed it back with feedback the next time I saw their class.  I found most children need that immediate feedback to see if they are on the right track.

Your micro-expressions and body language is important to be aware of when giving feedback. 

Body Language page

Some students need continuous feedback to keep them motivated.  Others require differential feedback when they perform better as it shows improvement.

Peer Feedback

Teach Students How to Give Peer Feedback - Teacher Tech @alicekeeler

360 Degree and Multi Rater Feedback

Teacher Notes: Instead of top down evaluation this process can utilize the views of students, your peers, administrators and parents.

Shouldn't we design such a system to evaluate the learning of our students?

360-Degree Feedback Appraisal, Multi Rater Feedback, Peer Review FAQs

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