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 Twitter for Beginners

How to Twitter Infographic

In May of 2009 I signed on Twitter.  I did not get started until August 2009.  I first looked for anything to do with education.  I stumbled on #edchat.  I lurked there until I figured out how to take part. I still cannot believe I am now a part of that great #edchat team

 I started following some educators who shared some interesting educational tweets like #coolcatteacher and #web20classroom.

The Twitter Glossary

@ = Username

# = Hashtag

RT = retweet

DM = Direct Message

Twitter for Teachers:
30 Day Twitter Challenge

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On some pages on my website I have listings of My Mavens. For example:Genius Hour Page

My Suggestions

1 - Choose a short Twitter name that captures who you are. Remember you are limited to 140 characters unless you TweetLonger.  I wanted cybraryman but someone beat me to it.  Alas, I became @cybraryman1  It is probably a good idea to use your name.

2. Use a picture of yourself.  When you attend meetings people will immediately recognize you.

How to Add a Twitter Profile Picture

3. Your bio should tell about your interests and what you teach or supervise.  This enables those viewing it to know who you are. Add a link to your blog or website.

4. Get involved in some Twitter Chats. There are many chats now for most subject areas and grade levels. By doing this you can build your

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 Resources to Learn How to Use Twitter:

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