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How To Take Part in
or Moderate  a Chat on Twitter

Official Twitter Education Chat Shedule

Tips for Moderating Chats

Moderator instructions - Google Docs #sschat

10 Tools to Start a Twitter Chat @TheBradCurrie

Wakelet - Save, curate and share the things you love

My Ideas for Joint Chats

Request A Change or Addition - Education Chats


The date and time of chats is determined by the organizer of the chat.  A lot of times they poll those on the hashtag about what day and time they would prefer.  Most chats are held once a week. 

#edchat (held on Tuesdays now only at 7 pm EST (where I was a proud member of the  moderator team) has a poll on Sunday.  There are three proposed topics.  The one that gets the most votes is the 7pm chat topic. 

The key is to get people to use the chat hashtag to stay in contact during the week.  People know the time and date by tweeting it out using the chat hashtag. 

The moderator of the chat facilitates the topic.  Some chats have a guided question format and others are free flowing.

Most chats allow you to share information and sites that are pertinent to the topic.

Moderator Tip

 Be the last person to vote before the poll closes to prevent a tie.

I enjoyed being a member of the #edchat team.

I also organized and have moderated the #engsschat. I have been a guest moderator on:
#elemchat, #ntchat, #sschat, #engchat,
#gtchat, #ptchat, #1to1techat, #satchat #ohedchat among others.

My Twitter Chats page



1 - To take part in a chat you first have to find the hashtag (#) associated with it.

My Educational Hashtags page

Please use the
Official Twitter Chat Schedule developed by @thomascmurray @cevans5095 @cybraryman1 and updated by @jrochelle and @conniehamilton

2. Follow a Chat using one of the following:

Try Twubs, oneQube,, TweetChat as once you put in the hashtag you do not have to do it again during the chat




My TweetDeck page


Best way to follow any chat - Screenr - @2footgiraffe:
tweetgrid and tweetchat for following #edchat

3. In some cases you have to write the hashtag (#) of the chat you are following each time that you tweet during a chat.  TweetChat and some others once you enter it does it for you when you tweet.

4. Some chats like #edchat are fast and furious and hard to keep up with (It is a real challenge when I am called on to moderate a chats).  If you like what someone has tweeted you can RT (retweet) that statement.  You can also reply directly to the individual.

Quote Tweet enables you to retweet as well as add your own tweet.