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Teaching Notes
Have students create a timeline of their lives. Then, using that information they can write their own autobiography.

Create a timeline around your classroom of the major events (time periods) you have discussed in class.

Time Line Generators

Create a Timeline (Of 5 to 140 year span)

Interactive Timeline (Class Tools)

Time Line Generator

Our Timelines


Timeline - ReadWriteThink

Thinkport Tool: My Timeline



Timeline JS

Time Line Maker (Horizontal or Vertical)

Timetoast Timelines

My Decades page

My Calendars page

Timelines Timeless Teaching Tool
Education World Lesson Planning

10 Creative Ways To Use Free Timeline Makers in eLearning - History, documentary and video online

TimeSearch History

History Timelines

HistoryWorld - History and Timelines

American Memory Timeline

Timeline of the Twentieth Century


Events by Year

Holocaust Timeline