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New Teachers
When the bell rings come out facilitating learning!

#nqttips Newly Qualified Teacher
(1st year teachers in UK are usually called NQTs)

I enjoyed being a Lead Teacher & Mentor to new teachers.

My New Teacher Mavens


I suggest that administrators plan sessions with new teachers given by the teachers in your school
(both veterans and other teachers who only have a few years experience). 

When I was in charge of the school library I  convinced my principal to allow me to give an orientation to the school library and school each year.

My What helped me become a better teacher page

Expect the Unexpected by @cybraryman1 at #ntcamp

Some pages on my website to help you.

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Teacher Notes

Be firm, fair, consistent, caring and show your passion for learning.

 In one very tough school I taught in I would stand at the front door of the school and greet each student that came into the school. I also did this with personal messages for each student that came into my classroom. In another school I enlisted the assistant principal and every morning and passing between class periods we greeted each student that came onto our floor.
Let your students know that they matter.

#YouMatter page

My advice is to get in the best physical shape that you can to endure all of the rigors of teaching.

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Parent Send-Homes

Smart Classroom Management

Smart Classroom Management

Student Attention Getting Tips: The One Spot Method

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PLN - Personal Learning Networks page

  New Teacher Camp

Picture of me giving the Opening Address with great @web20classroom tweeting away in the background