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My all-time favorite Library Squad - They all went to college!
East New York - where I taught!

How I organized and ran my school library

My Library

#tlchat #tlelem

Why I still love the words LIBRARY & LIBRARIAN @DianaLRendina

School Librarians and the Common Core Standards: Resources

Infographics for Librarians...

My Library Orientation Program
First session was to orient students to all of the services that the library provided, the rules and regulations of the library and the circulation policy as well as when they could use the library.

The second session covered how to find a book (Dewey Decimal System) and the Reference Section.


The third session was a scavenger hunt per library table that the children enjoyed. I also gave them a brief library quiz.

Each year I also had a Library Orientation for all of the new teachers in the building.

New Teacher Resources by @GwynethJones (I wish all schools had a Daring Librarian who created such a great resource for new teachers)

  Cybrary Man's First Library

To keep books neatly positioned I used to put the tubes pictures or posters came in behind the books.  

Cybrary Man's New Library
(Just before his retirement

Mashpee Public Library - A green building

I am very proud that I helped get two funding bills passed at Town Meeting in Mashpee to enable this great library to be built.

My Cape Cod/Mashpee page




The modern library media specialist must change with the times.  I see the need to help students, parents and staff members learn how to, do research, evaluate information, employ reference skills and make use of the wonderful web 2.0 tools that are available.  The 21st Century will have the Blended Librarian who is still needed face to face and is skilled with the virtual world.

Be a "techbrarian" in your "libratory."

School Librarians Want More Tech—and Bandwidth

Professional School Librarian Toolkit - LiveBinder

The Changing Face of Modern Libraries

School Library Branding

Current News of Library

School Library Collection Development

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

Libraries and Autism We're Connected

The Library of Congress

The Digital Library (NYPL)

Public Libraries: Your guide to all public libraries and beyond 

TL Virtual Cafe - Back_To_School

What do TLs teach?

hls | …how would you Hack Library School?

Future Ready Librarians


My Children's Librarian Page

I used to post the names of all honor roll students each marking quarter. I used dark magic marker so the names were easy to read. The children loved seeing their names posted in the library!

I also posted any awards that students earned for their academic excellence or good citizenship, arts education recognitions and sports achievement.

I found the library to be an excellent venue for Cooperative Learning projects.  I had classes on all grade levels and subject areas use the library for such projects.

Cooperative Learning Activities in the Library - from Cybraryman

My Cooperative Learning Page

My Library and Librarian Blogs & Sites page

Evaluating Websites



"What is more important in a library than everything else-
is the fact that it exists."
Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982), U.S. poet.

"A relevant librarian is a visible librarian"


Photographs by Cybrary Man