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Evaluating Information

A Lesson in Assessing Web Content Validity @kathyshrock

Teacher Notes:

WHO is the author/publisher of the site?

WHAT is the purpose of the site?

WHEN was the site created? updated?

WHERE does the information come from?

WHY should I use this information?

HOW can I use this site and find out if the site is credible?

Evaluating Web pages Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask

4 Fake Sites to Teach Students Website Evaluation @ericcurts

All About Explorers Teaches students to be careful about information on websites. Thanks @geraldaungst

Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus is an Internet hoax.

Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide
It's really water!

How to Evaluate Web Resources

News & Media Literacy | How can I be a critical consumer and creator of news and media: Common Sense Education

8 Sites and Resources That Help Students Check Their Facts - The Tech Edvocate

Truth or Consequences: Teaching Students to Assess Web Information

Evaluating Resources

Student's Internet Research Guide
Separating Fact vs. Opinion

C.R.A.P. Website Evaluation Checklist - Google Docs

Beginner & Intermediate 5: Evaluating credibility of sources - Google Docs

Website Evaluation Tool

Evaluating News Reports

Evaluating Online Resources | EDSITEment

EasyBib: Website Evaluation

Finding, Evaluating and Citing Information

Evaluating Web Pages: Criteria and Tools

Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources

 Fake News page

 Digital Literacy page

 Search Engines page

 Fact vs. Opinion page