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Games Around the World - Classroom

Anagrams Checkers Game Links Puzzles
Bingo Chess Solving
File Folder
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Games in Ed


Andy's Anagram Solver

Internet Anagram Server

 Anagrams page

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Bingo Card Generator
Bingo Card Maker
How to Play Bingo

Free, Printable Bingo Cards by Bingo Baker

Free Bingo Board Maker, bingo board generator with images and text, customizable bingo boards to print

Crisscross Bingo Board Maker

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Board Games

Gamers Alliance - one of  former colleagues is the mastermind here

Board Games online for kids,adults,free to play chess on PC

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Brain Games and Brain Sites

 Brain and Brain Games page


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Checkers Game

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Chess Kid  

Chess in the Schools

How to Play Chess: Rules & Basics -

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Crossword Puzzles

Create a Crossword Puzzle!
Crossword puzzle maker

Crossword Puzzle Maker!

Crosswords-NY Times
Crosswords links at refdesk

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File Folder Games

File Folder Games and Activities (Enchanted Learning)

Preschool Printables File Folder

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Game Links

Game Making Sites Create interactive flash tools / games for education

 students loved when I used a Jeopardy board to review the week's work. I had teams of students create the questions.

JeopardyLabs - Online Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Rocks

How to Create a Jeopardy-style Game in Google Slides @rmbyrne

How to add a Family Feud-style game to your next class/PD | Ditch That Textbook

Educational Games Online - Free Games from The Problem Site

Games For Children Ages 1 to 5

Games For Children Ages 6 to 9

Learning Games for Kids

Math Games & Puzzles

Children's Folk Games

Primary Games Arena


 Street and Playground Games page

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Solving Puzzles

Andy's Anagram Solver

Scrabble Word Finder - Scrabble Solver (WITH SCORE)

Word Tips - Scrabble Word Finder

Free Scrabble Helper - Scrabble Solver

Online Hangman Solver & Unscramble Words

Solve Word Puzzles & Word Games

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Jigsaw Puzzles Create interactive flash jigsaw tools / games for education


Cyberchase Jigsaw Puzzles

Free Jigsaw Puzzles - Jigsaw Puzzle Games at - Play Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Free online jigsaw puzzles, mini games - Voknel

Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids from theKidzpage


Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Online Jigsaw Puzzles - DLTK

Photograph Puzzle Maker


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Daily Word Jumble

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Puzzlemaker: Create Puzzles Online

Interactive Fun Puzzles

The Science Spot: Puzzle Corner

Set Daily Puzzle

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Web Sudoku

Sudoku Puzzles!

The Daily SuDoku

Live Sudoko

Unlimited Sudoku

Sudoku For Kids

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Word Searches

Web Hangman
Build a Word Find Puzzle! (
Make your own word search
Word Search Generator :: Create your own printable word find Word Detective Word Search

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Other Sites

 Games in Education page

Game Making Sites

 Learning Games page

 Memory Help page

Street Games

Word Games on  Words Page

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