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Careers in Technology

Please note BLS changed all their URLs and eventually I will update.

Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing

Computer, Automated Teller, and Office Machine Repairers

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineering Degree

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer Network, Systems, and Database Administrators

31226 - Computer Science Teachers- Postsecondary

Computer Programmers

Computer Software Developers

Computer Support Specialist

Computer Teacher Career Information

Computer Teacher: Job Info and Requirements for a Career in Computer Teaching

Database Administrator

Systems Analyst

Web Developers

 These are only some of the possible careers.

Careers in Math Page

Careers in Science Page

Technology Links

Careers in Subject Areas

My Careers Page

If You Are Interested in Computers, Then Look at these Possible Careers 

Careers in Technology - Titles for Careers in Technology, Paths for Careers in Technology - Computers and Technology - Careers

Computer Science Careers
(under Industry) ComputerScienceOnline

Tech Quest 2000

Computer Jobs, It Jobs, Internet Jobs, Tech Jobs on

Training for Techies: Career Preparation in Information Technology

Most common uses for computers at work

Information Technology and Economic Growth in Canada and the U.S.

970.381-030 - Computer-Assisted Retoucher, Photoengraving (print. & pub.)

976.380-010 - Computer-Controlled-Color-Photograph-Printer Operator (photofinishing)

828.281-026 - Computerized Environmental Control Installer (electron. comp.)

003.161-014 - Computer-Laboratory Technician (profess. & kin.)

213.362-010 - Computer Operator (clerical)

213.382-010 - Computer Peripheral Equipment Operator (clerical)

221.362-030 - Computer Processing Scheduler 

030.162-010 - Computer Programmer

033.162-010 - Computer Security Coordinator

033.362-010 - Computer Security Specialist

033.167-010 - Computer Systems Hardware Analyst

979.382-026 - Computer Typesetter-Keyliner