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Careers in Science

Sorry if some of the links do not work BLS changed URLs & I am trying to catch up. Use their search engine.

Aerospace Engineers

Agricultural and Food Scientist

Anthropologists and Archeologists

Atmospheric Scientists including Meteorologists

About Biology Careers

 Biochemist and Biophysicist

Biological Scientists

Biology Teacher, Secondary

Biomedical Engineer

Botany Careers

Chemical Engineer


Chemists and Material Scientists

Civil Engineer

Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians

Computer Hardware Engineers

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer Scientists

Computer Software Engineers and Computer Programmers

Conservation Scientists and Foresters



Ecology Careers

Electrical Engineers

Electronics Engineers

Engineering and Natural Sciences Managers

Engineering Technician



Environmental Scientist

Environmental Consulting

Forensic Science Careers

Forensic Science Technician

Genetic Counselor

Genetic and Bioscience Careers

Geoscientists and Hydrologists

Health and Safety Engineers

Industrial Engineers


Cool Careers in Science

If you like the Sciences - Possible Careers BLS

Top 10 Science Careers

Science Careers List

Office of Science Education

Science Careers, from the Journal Science - Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers

Teaching Science 2.0 Gender equity in science

Discover Engineering

Careers using physics

Tech Quest 2000

Women's Adventures in Science

Marine Engineers & Naval Architects

Materials Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Medical Scientists

Mining and Geological Engineers, Including Mining Safety Engineers


Nuclear Engineers


Petroleum Engineers



Physicists and Astronomers

Physics Careers

Physiology Careers


Science Teacher Education

Science Technicians

Science Writer

Veterinary Careers

Veterinary Technologists and Technicians

These are only some of the possible careers.

Careers in Math Page

Careers in Technology Page

Scientists & Inventors Page

Science Links

My STEMx Page

Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers | PBS