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Student Tech Help

"Take advantage of the techspertise of your students."

Students should work with their peers on having a positive digital presence.

Every class & school should have a Student Tech Squad
(Help Desk, eLearner, Geek Squad, SWAT Team, Technical Difficulties Club...)  

Student Tech Help Mavens

Teacher Notes

Use your students to help their peers and other teachers in your school with tech tools and equipment.
Have them take part in
Smackdowns at faculty or parent meetings.
Use them to plan
Tech Nights
at your school.
Be presenters or participants at edcamps.  Have students organize an edcamp as students at Burlington, Massachusetts did.

At the first #edcampCitrus I attended I talked with some of the student helpers before the sessions started.  I urged them to take an active part in the sessions in the rooms that they were stationed.  I was very pleased when they participated in some of the sessions and the Smackdown.

At the second #edcampCitrus I enjoyed taking in a session led by a student

At #edcampSocial Studies I gave a session with a student at SLA.

Before Adopting New Tech, Try it From a Students Perspective First
The Tech Edvocate

Technology pages

Classroom Jobs Page






We have a tendency to not utilize the many abilities that our students have.  You will be amazed at how helpful they can be.

Give students a chance to display their digital expertise by forming a student tech squad in your school.  Start a student help desk which is being done on all levels of education.  Use students with tech skills to help their peers in your classroom with technology.  Also have these students model proper use of technology. When I skype into classrooms I have seen teachers having students record the session.

Make sure to get #stuvoice when developing Acceptable Use Policies.  AUP page

Tech Support Internship

Student GEEK Squad

'Geek squads' tapped for classroom help | Mail Tribune

Code Ambassadors  @WesthallJo  #UFT

The @DavidGeurin Blog: What Happened When We Launched Student-Led Senior Citizen Tech Support

6 Habits of Tech Savvy Students - The Edvocate

How to Create a Student-Run “Genius Bar” - The Tech Edvocate

Burlington HS in Massachusetts has a student led help desk & they organized the first
student-led #edcamp #edcampxedu

Burlington High School Help Desk | A student run genius bar