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Remote Learning

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Remote Learning Announcements*

@hand2mind is launching a new website teach@home: Daily Lessons & Activities for K-5 Students

@Symbaloo is offering PRO version to all educators at no cost.  Sign up for free here

COVID Coping Strategies @FETC

Research and Support for the Online Learner - @ISTE

How to Get Kids Ready to Video-Chat for Online Classes | @Common SenseMedia

Free Online Events and Activities for Kids at Home | @CommonSense

Online Teaching Resources for Teachers and Families - WideOpenSchool | Common Sense Media

Remote Learning Plan to Provide Instructional Continuity for Academic Needs /  ICAN - Sarasota County Schools, Florida

CBSD Learn From Home  thanks @McGough3R 

Remote teaching strategies and resources @sscragg @UFT 

What is Distance Learning?
The Complete Guide (2020) | Blog

Online Learning @DigitalPromise

COVID-19 support resources @GoogleForEdu

Creating a Google Classroom

Google pages

Helping teachers and students make the switch to remote learning @MicrosoftEDU

Microsoft page

Remote Learning with @seesaw

Seesaw page

Distance Learning Toolkit @edmodo

Edmodo page

Remote Learning with @Seesaw for Administrators, Teachers and Families

Seesaw page

Free Resources to Continue Learning During School Closures @edmentum

Teaching Remotely for Grades K - 12 |
Free Resources and Strategies - Scholastic

Setting ‘Reasonable’ Goals, Expectations and Routines for Remote Learning @ EdSurge @tonywan @am_estrella @KerryHawk02 @buddyxo

How Virtual One-to-One Meetings Are Helping Us Build a Strong Online Classroom | EdSurge News

Low Tech? No Problem. Here are 3 Alternative Ways to Help Distance Learning Happen. | @EdSurge News

How Can Educators Tap Into Research to Increase Engagement During Remote Learning? | @EdSurge

Zoom page

Homeschooling page

Technology pages have many links to help with remote learning

Diseases page
for Coronavirus information and schools


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Video Conferencing page

Choice Boards page

The New Normal - When Schools Resume page

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End of the Year Exit Ticket: Evaluating Online Learning @Catlin_Tucker

Choosing the Right Tools for Remote Learning | @Rdene915 @Getting_Smart

Virtual Learning - Students Tell Us What Works @CarlaMeyrink

Cybersecurity Guidelines for Remote Learning - Educational Leadership @ASCD

Collection of Remote Learning Resources and Activities - Google Docs  @WickedEdTech 

COVID-19 Resources @sarahdateechur @padlet

COVID-19 Resource Guide for Schools and Educators @plpnetwork

Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely @rmbyrne

Tips and Tools for Teaching Remotely Google Doc @rmbyrne

Webinar Recording:Three Things We Can Do To Quickly Transition to Teaching Online @rmbyrne

Powerful Checks for Understanding for #RemoteLearning @HollyClarkEdu

New website offers tips for teachers about virtual special education | EdSource

Special Education | Educating All Learners

Distance Learning for ELLs: Planning Instruction | Colorín Colorado

Distance Learning for ELLs | Colorín Colorado

Video: 'Tips for Remote Teaching With ELL Students' - Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo - Education Week Teacher

Distance Learning @breicher

Tips for Teaching “Live Lessons” During the Coronavirus @plugusin

Ideas to Help with #RemoteLearning via @drneilgupta

Implementing Instructional Strategies and Lesson Plans with Edtech and your Online Classrooms @MattRhoads1990

Free Resources and Tools to help Educators Teach Remotely (Coronavirus) | @EmergingEdTech

Free Tools for Schools Dealing with Corona - Google Docs

Ideas to Help with #RemoteLearning via @drneilgupta

Shared resources from @PaulSolarz @buddyxo @teachfromridge @E_Sheninger @thomascmurray @mrhooker

Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic | @CommonSense Education

CTE Distance Learning: Hands-on Learning at Home

With E-learning, School Districts are Building the Foundation for Better Learning Outcomes | Emerging Education Technologies

3 tips for maintaining rigor in remote hands-on courses | EAB

3 tips for a better student online learning experience

3 Ways to Use Video Conferencing with Students Learning Remotely @Catlin_Tucker

4 Considerations for #RemoteLearning @web20classroom

Choose Your Own Learning – 5 Opportunities for Learning as We Continue Emergency Remote Teaching @pernilleripp

5 Ways Educators are Evolving to Meet the Needs of Learners at Home – @katiemartinedu

5 Ways to Boost Attendance in Virtual Class Meetings @spencerideas

The 8 Remote Learning Superpowers @HollyClarkEdu

10 Remote Learning Practices to Avoid @E_Sheninger

16 Free Resources for Schools Who are Closing Due to Coronavirus @coolcatteacher

50 elearning activities, templates and tutorials
Ditch That Textbook @jmattmiller

Distance Learning Resources @E_Sheninger

A Mini Clearinghouse on Coronavirus, Created by Two School Librarians @mtechman @PaulaArchey

Parent ideas and tips for online learning

How can Khan Academy be used for remote learning during school closures? – Khan Academy Help Center