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Writing Curriculum

Curriculum Mapping: Definition, Purpose,
and Tips

Google Calendar: Create a Curriculum Planning Calendar - Teacher Tech @alicekeeler

How I got started writing curriculum

Early in teaching career I had to teach a ninth grade class world history.  I quickly realized that they had little  knowledge of geography.  I wrote a study of their community and used that as a microcosm to explore the rest of the world. When I was excessed to another school, they would not let me use the curriculum.  A couple of years later it was adapted on a district level & was used in 35 schools.

 I included a comparison of jobs 100 years & today.  This helped me get a job writing career education curriculum.

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12 Curriculum Planning Tips For Any Grade Level Or Content Area

Curriculum should be an ongoing piece of work.  Teachers should be encouraged to add, eliminate, or modify as they see fit.  Working with others and brainstorming will produce great work. Definitely try it out with students and get their input before you release it.

I wrote curriculum for school district, the New York City School System and for Open Doors a School-Business Partnership in New York City.

Writing Career