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Computers in the Classroom

In 1967 I wrote a term paper in a Sociology class predicting teaching machines in the classroom.  My professor gave me the world to see about my prediction.  Wish he were here today to see the wonderful technology used in classrooms.

Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers Marilyn Western

Meridian - electronic journal dedicated to research and practice of computer technology in middle school classrooms

Elementary Tech Teachers - A place for elementary tech teachers to share.

Computer - Technology Classes *
Berkery Tech

Computer Class with Miss P.

Computer Lab at Lake Forest Elementary

Computer Science

Conshocken Catholic's Computer Lab

Coppell Instructional Technology


Educational Technology Mrs. Kennedy

Forest Middle School Computer Lessons

Iao Tech Ed

Mr. Casal’s Computer Lab

Ms. Atwater's Technology Class

District 112 Instructional Technology

Meadow Brook Tech

Mercy IT Department

Mr. Gallagher's Webpage

Mr. Meta's Technology Classes at Hyatts

Ms. Erna's Computer Lab

Mrs. Goodwin's Computer Lab Page

Ms. Hertz's Computer Lab Website

My Technology Page


Mr. Lewis’ Computer Lab

LJHS Tech Talk

LPComputer Lab

Madrid-Waddington Elementary Computer Lab


Mrs. Nicholson's Technology Education

Mrs. Oak’s Class Website

Rush City Technology

Saint Joseph Academy Technology Resource Blog

St. Joe's Tech Lab

Tales from Technology

Technology Education » It’s Tech-Ploration!

Mrs. Tenkely’s Computer Class

TIS Computer Lab

 TLT Network Website: Teaching and Learning Together

Wacona Elementary School Computer Lab!

West Boylston Technology PD

Windridge Elementary Computer Lab

Computer Labs

Computer Lab Favorites

Strategies for Managing School Computer Labs and Classroom Computers

Education World ® Technology in the Classroom Creating a Dream Lab Technology Centers That Work!

Computer Lab Bulletin Boards
Computer Information Bulletin Board

Computer Lab Bulletin Boards

Computers - Business Education Bulletin Board Ideas

Shaping Tech for the Classroom | Edutopia

Ideal Classroom Design for 21st Century Learning « Rliberni's Blog – Radical language

Habits and Habitats: Rethinking Learning Spaces for the 21st Century - LeaderTalk - Education Week

Challenges in Technology Implementation for Learning Spaces in Higher Education (EDUCAUSE Quarterly)

Creating a 21st Century Classroom

My 1:1 Schools Page

My Cell Phones - Mobile Learning Page

How to Set Up Computers in Your Classroom (Scholastic)

Computer Classroom Design
The Issues Facing Designers of Computer Classrooms

TeachPaperless: This is Our Classroom

Electronic Classroom/Computer Lab Layout Guidelines

Education World: Technology Centers That Work!

Computer Lab Layouts: How to Design a Computer Laboratory

Classroom Design: Layout | eThemes | eMINTS

Building Schools for the Future - Architecture Page

Classroom of the Future - Research

A Beginner's Guide to School Security

Computer Carts

How to Use the Mobile Laptop Carts - YouTube

Mobile Cart Management

Laptop Cart Tutorial

Wireless Computer Cart

SUSD Techplan Wireless Mobile Laptop Carts


Clickers in the Classroom: An Active Learning Approach

Classroom Clickers Make the Grade

Classroom / Audience / Student Response Systems ("Clickers")

AllMyWikis - CPS Clickers

MOFET ITEC - Clickers in Teacher Education: Student Perceptions by Age and Gender

ShowMyPC: Remote Support, Instant Desktop Sharing, Web Conferencing, Access Remote PC Free, Online Meetings

Cybrary Man's Library Computer Lab
Library was closed several years after I retired :(

Integration Help for Computer Labs

ABCya! Computer Activities& Games

ABCya! First Grade Computer Activities& Games

ABCya! Second Grade Computer Activities& Games

ABCya! Third Grade Educational Computer Activities & Games

ABCya! Fourth Grade Computer Activities& Games

ABCya! Fifth Grade Computer Activities& Games

Using Computers as a Classroom Tool

Computer Use in the ESL Classroom

The Unwired Classroom

Handhelds in the Classroom (Education World)

Palmtops: Computing @ Every Student
Lessons learned and questions asked in three years
of working with school-based handheld projects.

Photographs by Cybrary Man

The One Computer Classroom
Strategies and Applications for the One Computer Classroom

One Computer Classroom

The One-Computer Classroom (teachnet)