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Acceptable Use Policies

Acceptable Use Policy for Students - 1:1 Learning @ACS(BR)

Bremen HS Responsible Use

The Lovett School Technology Code of Conduct

Boothbay Region HS AUP

My AUP Page

The Best Resources On “One-To-One” Laptop/Tablet Programs — Please Suggest More! | Larry Ferlazzo

1:1 Laptop Initiative (Van Meter Community School)

Van Meter 1:1 Laptop Learning Initiative

1-to-1 Learning Queensland Government

A One-to-One School District for Laptop Integration ... Irving ISD - Irving, Texas

Making the Most of a 1:1 Laptop Initiative -- THE Journal

Burlington High School
Burlington, Massachusetts #bhschat

Burlington High principal plans to incorporate more technology in learning - The Boston Globe


Becoming A 1:1 School - Edition #1

Becoming A 1:1 School - Edition #2

Becoming A 1:1 School Edition 6 - Fox News Comes To BHS To Talk About Our iPad Plans

Burlington High School Principal's Blog: Becoming A 1:1 School - Edition 7 - BCAT News Special On Our 1:1 Plans

Burlington High School Principal's Blog: Becoming a 1:1 School - Edition 9 - "The Power of The Seamless Use of Technology"

School plans to provide iPads - The Boston Globe

Getting Started in a 1-1 Classroom - Tech Tidbits

Resources and News for 1:1 Teachers and Schools

1:1 Laptop Programs: Shifting the Way Students Learn - Edutopia

Q&A: Jeff Mao Shares the Inside Scoop on Maine’s 1:1 Program

1:1 iPad Projects - Two Schools Leading the Way iPad Academy

Keeping Students Engaged in a 1:1 Project-Based Classroom | Expat Educator

Laptop Learning Classroom
Observation Form

One-to-One Technology Integration in the Upper Elementary Classroom | Edutopia

The Power of One-on-One | Learning is Growing

A Principal's Reflections: Field of Dreams

Reflecting on two years of 1:1

The 1:1 Classroom

1:1 (Laptop) Initiatives

1 to 1 Schools

Teach With Video » 1:1 Classroom Management

1:1 Schools—Technology Paves the Way, You Provide the Experience

In The News - LHS D212 1:1 Summer Symposium

1:1 Success Story

1 to 1 School Flat Classroom Network - Classroom 2.0

1-to-1 Laptop Program: Planning for Success

Montclair Kimberley Academy: Technology and the 1:1 Learning Initiative

Video Presentation: A 1:1 Laptop School Baby Book: How It Looks at Four Months Old at Beyond School

3 Dangerous 1:1 Myths | Go Where You Grow

5 Common 1:1 Teacher Mistakes

5 Strategies for 1:1 Management

5 Unexpected Results of Going 1:1

7 Potential Issues to be Prepared for When Bringing Tablets into the Classroom

10 Ideas to Help You Prepare for Teaching in a 1:1 Classroom

20 Reasons Not To Use a 1:1 Laptop Program In Your School (And Some Solutions)

1:1 Computing -Feasability & Sustainability for Effective 1:1 Comptuing - Kiker Learning

The case for instant messaging in the classroom

Rethinking 1:1 | Learning is Growing

My Blended Learning Page

My Technology Pages