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51 Random Facts about Volcanoes

Can We Predict Volcanic Eruptions?

Volcano Lessons and Resources

Electronic Volcano

Active Underwater Volcano-NeMO
The New Millennium Observatory

Underwater Volcano
Caught on Video

Volcano Under the City

Global Volcanism Program Worldwide
Holocene Volcano
and Eruption Information

Shake, Rattle and Slide - The Work of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Glaciers

Volcano, Volcanoes Teaching Theme- Lesson Plans

Volcanoes Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units,


Volcanoes - Interactives

Virtual Volcano : Discovery Channel

Volcano Discovery

Volcano Field Trip

Volcano Virtual Field Trips | RedGage

Volcano Watch

How Volcanoes Work

How Volcanoes Work (Howstuffworks)
Hawaii and Haleakala Volcanoes

Volcanoes of the World

Volcano Web

Volcanoes for Kids (FEMA)

Best Books for Teaching About Volcanoes

Volcanoes of Iceland


My Earth Science Page