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Earth Science

This was my first subject area page*

Teacher Notes

Plate Tectonics Cooperative Learning Project

Atlases, encyclopedias, Earth Science books, computers, drawing paper, markers, scissors, Earth Science articles.

Each group that came into the library was assigned a different plate to study (e.g.: Juan de Fuca, Nazca, Pacific, Philippine, Caribbean, South American, Eurasian, African...) When they came into the library each table had a sign with the name of the plate and the materials gathered by students on that particular plate. 

The students had to become experts on the plate that they were studying.  They had to produce a report, a map of the boundaries it covered and a drawing or model of the plate. 

These student produced materials made excellent bulletin boards.

* This page, Earth Science, was the first subject area site on my original school library website that I created in 1999.

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