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The Impact of Violence

Teacher Note

I taught in East New York, Brooklyn where violence was a way of life. See: My Body Language page for tips on verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate to avoid confrontations.

Taking Charge of Anger

Controlling Anger -- Before It Controls You

Conflict Resolution Information

Conflict Resolution Lessons-TeAchnology

Conflict Resolution Lessons - TeacherVision

Resolving Conflicts - Conflict Resolution - Lesson Plans - Elementary - Character Education

Domestic and Family Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Office on Violence Against Women - U.S. Dept. of Justice

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence

MedlinePlus Domestic Violence

National Council On Child Abuse & Family Violence

Violence in Schools and Youth Crime

School Violence: Weapons, Crime & Bullying

Keep Schools Safe

Violence in Schools (Google News)

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence

Fight Crime Invest in Kids APA Help Center - Violence sites

Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children

Out on a Limb - A Guide to Getting Along

Making Peer Mediation a Part of Campus Education World

National Association for Community Mediation

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

My Counseling page

Parenting Information

My Bullying page

My Emergency Management page