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Cybrary Man: How I Taught...Stocks

I taught a complete unit on the Stock Market.

The New York Stock Exchange had a wonderful 16 MM film (I am showing my age!)and later I used a really nice HBO feature on the Stock Market Crash.

My students learned how to read the stock page in the newspaper. They learned about stock symbols and how to do research on a company that was listed on the stock exchange.

We chose one stock per class to follow for the course of a month (or until each student was responsible for the closing price and to graph the progress of the stock). One student was required to provide the closing price of that stock each day and then add it to the graph.

Years later a former student came into my classroom and asked to speak to my class.  He asked them if I taught them about stocks and then he explained how interested he became as a result of learning about stocks.  He became a stock broker and wanted to tell my students about how he applied what he had learned.

Each student was given an imaginary $10,000.00 to invest in stocks. They sent away for the annual reports. They had to follow their stocks for the course of a month. They were required to write a final report of their stocks progress along with graphs.

For several years our school participated in "The Stock Market Game" where they competed against other schools in the city. The preparation each week was while the class was in my library. I worked with their math teacher to supervise the students and provide any support that they needed. The students were able to use the computers, books, magazines and some annual reports that I had collected in the library to do research on stocks.


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