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BAM! Radio Network-WTEA HOST: Rae Pica TOPIC: Sleepy Students: What Is a Teacher to Do? GUESTS: Dr. James Maas, author of Sleep for Success and latest book, Sleep to Win! Leading authority and international consultant on sleep and performance and past Professor and Chairman of Psychology at Cornell University. Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, Ed.D, Director of Author of Raising Your Spirited Child and Sleepless in America. Phenomenal educator Joan Young @flourishingkids and me @cybraryman1.

Teacher Notes

When I had sleepy students in my class I tried to find the reasons.  Some students had to take care of younger siblings while a parent worked at night, others were on medications and still others stayed up late watching movies or playing games.  In my teaching I stressed the need for adequate sleep, proper nutrition and exercise.

Parents please have your children turn off all of their devices and try to make sure they get enough sleep so they can function optimally during the school day.

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Yes, it is true I do not sleep much.  My mind is constantly in motion.  So many things to learn and pages to make!





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