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Teacher Notes:  Yes, I liked to have some fun from time to time when I taught.  I tried injecting humor at times in my lessons.  I also liked to have fun in school.

On the first day of school one year I changed a few of the room numbers above the classroom doors.  When the students came upstairs to go their rooms some were lining up outside the lavatories and the Dean's Office.

My Educational Puns Page

Excuse my silly classroom sense of humor.

When a child used to say that his or her “pen ran out” I would run to the classroom door and say, “Which way did it go?”

Whenever a student called me by another teacher’s name I would address that student with another name. Inevitably the student would become upset and then I would state that I am not Mr. ….. Their response would then be “Oh!”

When a student would ask me if I had a pen I would say, “Yes.” and walk away.  They would inevitably ask me again and I would again say, “Yes, “ and walk away.  Finally, they would ask if they could borrow a pen.  I was trying to get them to ask questions correctly.

That was the same outfit you wore the day after yesterday! It took some students a long time to figure this out.

 Can I borrow a tissue?  My response was, "No! I do not want it back!"

My official class got this statement when they went to their first period class: "If you can't be good, don't be bad!"

Virtual Rimshot for above attempts at humor



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