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Progress Reports and Report Cards

#sbgchat  Standards Based Grading

Surviving the Perils and Challenges of Grading BAM Radio

I don't do pass/fail. I do "got it" and "not yet" by @rjrathje

Teacher Notes

Your students should know what your expectations are and how you will grade them.

Student Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment Inspires Learning

Strategies to enhance student

1. Have students set learning goals

My Goals page

2. Periodically review the goals and provide feedback.

My Feedback page

Turning Feedback Into Progress @mssackstein

3. Have students grade themselves at end of marking quarter and see if their grade matches the one you were giving them.  Note: Most of my students came very close to the grade they actually got.

Progress Reports

3 Ways Parents Can Use Progress Reports and Report Cards | Edutopia

Education World: Weekly Progress Report Template

Reporting Student Progress

Report Cards

Toward Better Report Cards

 Student Report Cards: Do They Earn an A -- or a Needs Improvement..Ed World

Rethinking Report Cards - Academic Skills | GreatSchools

Authentic Education - Welcome to Report Card Feedback


Amazing Grade Calculator

Learning, Thinking, Creating: Self Assess 4, 3, 2, 1!


Grading vs. Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Grading For Learning Final

Grades Should Reward Students at Their Best

Grading Systems - Classroom Grading Systems

To Grade or not to Grade? Exploring the Great Grading Controversy

Ditching Traditional Grades & My Online Grade Book @Catlin_Tucker

Fair Grades, Dropping Grades, Grading Versus Knowledge @coolcatteacher

Grading Philosophy - Scholars in Room 239

Grading Moratorium Opting out of Grading

Abolishing Grading - (Remembering our friend Joe Bower)

Google Docs: Grading Tips & Tricks

How Peer Review and Peer Grading Can Inspire Knowledge Building in the Classroom

The Best Resources On Grading Practices | Larry Ferlazzo

Discuss Bad Grades With Kids

Standards Based Grading

Checklist for QualityStandards-Based Report Cards

Standards Based Grading

Standards-Based Grading Slow To Take Effect In High Schools

Old teachers never die, they just grade away

My Assessment Page

My Quiz & Test Generators Page

Cybrary Man's Homework System

My Homework Debate Page