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Teacher Notes

My wife, a quilter, uses the geometry she learned in school to create quilt designs.

Quilt Geometry

Geometry in Art: Symbols and Lines

Illuminations: Quilts

Quilt lesson melds English, math, art and history classes

Teaching Geometry According to the Common Core Standards

5th Grade Geometry aligned with Common Core

Geometry Definitions

History of Geometry

History of Geometry

History of Mathematics History of Geometry


What is a Tessellation?


Tessellations Links

Math Forum: Tessellation Tutorials

Tantalizing Tessellations

Tessellation Town -- tessellations at Math Cats


Fractals (Cool Math)

Suzanne Alejandre - Fractal links

Fractal Links/References - Fractal Science Kit

More Geometry Links

Geometry Through Art - Teaching Measurement

String Art - Teachers Network DCS

Geometry Through Art

Mathematical Patterns in African American Hairstyles

A Library of Parallel Algorithms

Geometry Bibliography


Geometry games and resources online

Gamequarium Geometry Games

Geometry Games - Geometric Shape Games

Funbrain Shape Surveyor Geometry Game

Math Open Reference

Math Cats Geometry Crafts

Geometric Shape Flash Cards

Geometry of Flooding  Yummy Math

Plots & Geometry WebMath

Geometry Help - Free Math Help

Geometry Videos

Free Geometry Video Math Tutors and Lessons

Free High School Math Geometry Help Videos|

Math and Geometry Help - Videos from MathTV

Free Geometry Tutorials, Problems and Interactive Applets

Geometry Calculators and Solvers

Illuminations: Web Links - Geometry

Geometry Online

Geometry Problem of the Week

Browse High School Geometry (Ask Dr. Math)

Geometry (Math Forum)

Geometry - Math is Fun

Geometry Worksheets - Teachnology

Geometry Worksheets - printable geometry terms worksheets

Geometry Worksheets - EdHelper

Geometry in Action

Geometry 3D Shapes - Interactives

Geometry - Shape and Space

Geometric construction by ruler and compass

Virtual Protractor


Geometry Center

The Geometry Section

Geometry (Math Archives)

Pythagorean Theorem and its many proofs

The Geometry Junkyard

Experiencing Geometry - David Henderson's poem - Antonio Gutierrez

19Pencils - Educational resources for parallel lines geometry

Geometry Playground: Activities: Geometry Scavenger Hunt | Exploratorium