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and More Quilt Sites

The National Quilt Museum
Thoroughly enjoyed seeing this wonderful museum.

New England Quilt Museum

Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

La Conner Quilt Museum

San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles

The Quilt Museum at The Old Country Store

American Quilter's Society

Crazy Quilt Museum - The Quilter's Home

Paper Piecing Primer

Paper Panache Quilt Patterns--Images & Ideas for Paper Piecing

Lost Quilt Come Home

We have visited quilt stores in the following states:

Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming

Some of Cybrary Man's Favorite Quilt & Fabric Stores
My Pictures of Thimble Cottage

Thimble Cottage Village
Rapid City, SD

Old Country Store
People's Place Quilt Museum

Intercourse, PA

Magrieta's Quilt Shop
St. Augustine, Florida

Log Cabin Quilts
Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania

Heartbeat Quilts
Hyannis, MA

A Scarlet Thread
McDonough, GA

People Places & Quilts
Summerville & Charleston, SC

Stitchin' Heaven
Quitman, TX

The Quilt Place
Rockledge, FL

Quilt Shop of DeLand
DeLand, FL

Colonial Quilts
Savannah, Georgia

Quilts on Plum Lane
Dade City, FL

For Fabrics do not miss

Burkholder Fabrics
Denver, Pennsylvania

Zook Fabrics and Nancy's Notions
Intercourse, PA

Hancock's of Paducah
Paducah, KY


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My Stitchery Page

ODE TO A QUILTER’S HUSBAND by Cindy Thury Smith 1983

The husband of this quilter is a very special, patient guy—
Who doesn’t complain about how much fabric his wife may buy. 
Through the years he’s picked up a lot of quilting lore—
Because on this subject his wife can get to be quite a bore.
 He’s learned better than to throw away any old odd shaped scrap—
Because it’s likely that’s the one she’ll need to fill her design gap.
 He know if he enters the quilting room his feet will get pins in—
And he’s learned there’s not just red, but brick, rust, scarlet and crimson. 
He knows how she snorts when she sees an ordinary bedspread—
Cuz in HER house there’s only personally designed quilts instead. 
He knows when she meets another quilter there’ll be fast and furious talkin’—
And at a quilt show there’ll be lots of scribbling and gawkin’. 
He thinks of quilt-mania as a kind of creative affliction—
That can only be controlled by regular doses of stitchin’. 
He knows she quilts for enjoyment, not for money,
Cuz she does quilts that are traditional, modern and some just plain funny! 
And though all my cutting, designing, sewing and quilting through the years—
He’s always been interested, supportive, patient, and very, very dear. Thanks, honey.

Cybrary Man has written a piece entitled:

"What’s a Quilter’s Husband To Do?"

Still cannot find a quilting magazine to publish it.



 Larger "Tic Tac II" Quilt

Latest Projects:

Twitter Pillow and Twitter Bib for our newest granddaughter



Lancaster County Slideshow
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National Quilting Association

Quilting Links for Children

Quilt Care: Tips on Storing and Caring for Your Quilt

The Quilt Channel

Quilter by Design

Quilter's Review

Generation Q Magazine

Quilting at

Quilting.Start4all -exhibitions, patterns, quilting artists, fabrics

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Quilt History

A Timeline of Quilting History in America

Needlework & Quilt History - Making Reproduction Quilts

"Quilts are our art, the way we express what we feel about life."

"If life gives you scraps make quilts."

"A good friend like a quilt is both, a treasure and a comfort."

Quilt Sayings & Dedications (Quilt Label)

National Quilting Day - March 20th

How to Celebrate National Quilting Day

Games for National Quilting Day