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Cyber Bullying

Digital Citizenship Chat #digcit

Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit | @CommonSense

Let's all work together to try to stop cyber bullying

Please be cognizant of the body language and changes of behavior of your children & students.

My Body Language page

Cyberbullying | Consumer information

Cyberbullying Research Center - cyber bullying examples, cases, laws, articles, stories, presentations, videos, facts, statistics

|NoBullying|Bullying & CyberBullying Resources

SAMHSA’s KnowBullying Prevention App
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

A Parent's Guide to Handling Digital Behavior Issues The Edvocate

How to Use Technology to Prevent School Bullying - The Edvocate

(Acceptable Use Policies) p

My Cyber Safety and Security pages

My Cyber Security page

My Digital Citizenship page

My Digital Footprints - Digital Presence page

My Identity Theft page


Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying and Online Cruelty (9-10) Common Sense Media

Stop Cyber Bullying - The Beacon

CyberWise Cyberbullying Hub | Protect Your Child from Cyberbullying

How to Understand Cyberbullying: From a Teen's Experience @coolcatteacher

Cyber-Bullying and the Law: What Schools Should Know

STOPit - Bullying Reporting App and Incident Management System

Caught in the Middle: A Cyberbullying Tale

Mr. Young's Bouncy "A" - Internet Safety Videos - Making Safer Choices Online

Education & Outreach - Bullying/Cyberbullying - ADL

STOP cyberbullying: Cyberbullying - what it is, how it works and how to understand and deal with cyberbullies

My Bullying page