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Teacher Notes: Prepare an archaeology dig for your students to learn how archaeologists work.  Make a map of the location of the buried artifact. You can make it into a Geocaching QR Code Scavenger Hunt to find the site.

dig: Archaeology in the Classroom

Knossos Palace - Crete
Photographs by Cybrary Man

Celsius Library - Ephesus, Turkey
Photograph by Cybrary Man


American Museum of Natural History

Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale)

Harvard Museum of Natural History

Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art & Archaeology - China

Museum of Ontario Archaeology

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

INA Virtual Museum of Nautical Archaeology


Mr. Young's Bouncy A  SmartBoard Resources & Educational Activities - Archaeology Links

Archaeology Daily News

Archaeolgoica: Archaeological News and Information

Archaeology Education Clearinghouse

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) Education

Archaeology for the Public - From the Society for American Archaeology

The Society for Historical Archaeology

ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology

Project Archaeology

Archaeology Magazine

Archaeology Info

Center for American Archeology

Kids Dig Reed: Reed Farmstead Archaeological Site

The Cave of Lascaux
The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc

A Career in Archaeology in the U.S.

Archeology Remote Sensing

Historic Jamestown

Reading - Archeologist

Archaeology (CyberPursuits)

Exploring the Importance of Fossils

Finding Fossils

Learning from the Fossil Record

The Virtual Fossil Museum: Fossils Across Geological Time and Evolution

Archaeology at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Cave Art and Cave of Lascaux EDSITEment

The Mysteries of Çatalhöyük: An Archaeological Investigation

Smithsonian Education - Decoding the Past: The Work of Archaeologists

African Diaspora Archaeology Resources

The Megiddo Expedition

My Dinosaurs Page

MyGeology - Fossils Page