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My Writing Career

Thunder is good. Thunder is impressive but it is lightning that does the work!

Open Doors I must give a lot of credit to Frances Low who encouraged and supported me. Open Doors, which she led, helped bridge the gap between schools and industry in New York City.

Community School District 19(Brooklyn, NY) I had the privilege of working with Marvin Popeck and Stewie Bashkoff on many curriculum projects. I will never forget the wonderful times we had developing creative materials for the students in our school district.

New York City Board of Education (now: NYC Department of Education) I had the honor of writing Social Studies curriculum downtown Brooklyn at headquarters.

Culver Company, Inc. I have had the pleasure of writing for the Culver Company for over thirty years. Culver is the leading supplier of consumer-oriented publications, award-winning videos, and safety communication programs to electric, natural gas, and water utilities. Thank you Mac, Brennan and Mickey!

Culver Company

District 19 and the New York City Board of Education (Department of Education)

  • Citizenship in New York City
  • District 19 Health Curriculum
  • District 19 Fourth Grade Social Studies Curriculum
  • District 19 Sixth Grade Social Studies Curriculum
  • District 19 Seventh Grade Social Studies Curriculum
  • District 19 Eighth Grade Social Studies Curriculum
  • Global Studies
  • Citizenship in New York City

Open Doors

  • Me and My Neighborhood
  • Survival Skills for Students
  • The Law in Your Life
  • Work in: New York: Multi-Speak City, What's It Like to Work in New York City and Guides to Business and Community Resources

Culver Company

  • Your Friend the Telephone
  • The Telephone is Your Friend
  • The Energy Kids
  • The Drug Awareness Activity Book
  • Electric History
  • Learning to Use Energy Wisely!
  • Learning to Save Energy Activity Book
  • My A to Zap Electrical Safety Activity Book
  • The Natural Gas Safety Activity Book
  • Our World of Water
  • Planning for Your Work Future
  • The Safest You Can Be
  • What To Do When You Are Home Alone
  • Where The Little Light Bulb Gets Its Juice Activity Book
  • EE-Yi-EE-Yi-Oh! Activity Book - A Barnyard Story About Ecology
  • Your Natural Gas Activity Book
  • Electric Safety From A to Zap Activity Book
  • Energy for Today and Tomorrow
  • Fire Safety Activity Book
  • Kato The Safety Cat's Electrical Safety Book
  • Kato's Electrical Safety Coloring & Activity Book
  • Kato's Telephone Coloring & Activity Book
  • Uncle Roger Saves His Valuable Friend
  • etc.

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