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and Programming
In Pictures Online computer tutorials based on pictures. Free
Templates etc.

Microsoft Office Templates

Education WorldŽ Teacher Tools & Templates

Brochures - Templates - Microsoft Office Online


Kid Pix: The Early Years

Marilee's Kid Works and Kid Pix Page

Thirteen Ed Online - Why Pick Kid Pix Let Me Count the Ways...


PowerPoint and Prezi Links - Cybrary Man


Free Programming Resources

Free Programming Tools, free compilers, free software components and libraries

Python Programming

Operating Systems
How Operating Systems Work

Computer Operating Systems


What is Linux and why is it so popularFree Software Downloads and Software Reviews -

Mac OS X




Microsoft Office Online
Resources For Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Resources

Office XP tips and tricks - CNET reviews

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Works Modules

Basics of Computing or Computer Help for People Over 50

Internet4Classrooms - Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively

Sites for Computer Lab Teachers

Integrating Spreadsheets in the Classroom
Fast Food Fun Spreadsheet

Practice computer things (mouse practice)
Claris Home Page
Grade 9 Computer Application Course
Outlook Express in the Classroom
The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

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