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 Mystery Location Call

formerly known as Mystery Skype because you can also use Google Hangouts too.

Our book (by @wkrakower @plnaugle @cybraryman1) features Mystery Location Calls:

Connecting Your Students with the World:
Tools and Projects to Make Global Collaboration Come Alive, K-8

Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review by @coolcatteacher

Mystery Location Call Mavens


Teacher Notes 
When I first heard about Mystery Skype calls I was intrigued. What a great idea to connect two classes in different parts of the country or world.  My Social Studies background had me envisioning the use of a big map as the children asked location questions.  What a great way to learn about different places in the world and connect with other students.

I have been honored to be a Mystery Location participant where students and teachers had to guess where I was located.  I try to throw some curveballs their way by saying my state has two time zones or we have "a republic" in the southernmost portion of our state.

Below is a picture of the Google Hangout group I was a part of for a couple of years.  We hung out regularly and some of the best Mystery Location mavens were among us.

@wkrakower @dandanscience @TeacherCast @cybraryman1 @MissBamberger @kimpowelledtech @plnaugle

Using Mystery Skype to Bring the World into Your Classroom @Jim_dEntremont

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Time Zones

Try to have several clocks in the classroom showing different time zones.

The World Clock Meeting Planner

The World Clock Time Zones