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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” Frederick Douglass

Literacy pages

Captions for Literacy

National Family Literacy Day - November 1st

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Literacy Centers - Stations - Circles

 Learning Centers: Literacy Centers
A to Z Teacher Stuff

Literature Circles

Literacy Centers: Getting Started

 Learning Stations - Learning Centers page

Balanced Literacy

Balanced Literacy - Reading A-Z

Balanced Literacy Framework

Balanced Literacy - Scholastic

Balanced Literacy & Technology Integration

Some Literacy Tools



 Edmodo page

 Evernote page

 Padlet page
(formerly Wallwisher)


Storyline Online

 Voice Thread page

Why Literacy? International Literacy Association

International Literacy Association

The A-Z of Literacy Terms, Concepts & Strategies: Letters A-D - The Edvocate

Teaching literacy across the curriculum - The Edvocate

Blog: International Literacy Association

Engaging Activities to Develop Children's Literacy @ShellTerrell

Literacy and Reading Skills

Global Literacy and Documenting Learning | Silvia Tolisano-@langwitches

3 Tools to Take YouTube and Multimedia Literacy to the Next Level

Control Alt Achieve: 4 Fun Literacy Activities with Google Docs

15 Game Sites that Encourage Literacy

The Edvocate’s List of 24 Literacy Apps, Tools & Resources - The Edvocate

CommonLit @CommonLit

Discipline Literacy: 4 Technology-Infused Instructional Approaches | Shaelynn Farnsworth

Literacy Center Education Network

Guys Read: A Literacy Initiative for Boys

 Early Literacy page

 Reading page

 Reading Comprehension page

 Writing Resources page

 Language Arts pages

 Coding Literacy page

 Digital Literacy page

 Information Literacy page

 Media Literacy page

 Multiple Literacies page

 RTI (Response to Intervention) page

 Visual Literacy page

 Word Clouds page

 Word Walls page