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Teacher Notes 

I liked to have some fun from time to time when I taught.  I tried injecting humor at times in my lessons.  I also liked to have fun in school.

Excuse my silly classroom sense of humor.

When a child used to say that his or her “pen ran out” I would run to the classroom door and say, “Which way did it go?”

Whenever a student called me by another teacher’s name I would address that student with another name. Inevitably the student would become upset and then I would state that I am not Mr. ….. Their response would then be “Oh!”

When a student would ask me if I had a pen I would say, “Yes.” and walk away.  They would inevitably ask me again and I would again say, “Yes, “ and walk away.  Finally, they would ask if they could borrow a pen.  I was trying to get them to ask questions correctly.

That was the same outfit you wore the day after yesterday! It took some students a long time to figure this out.

 Can I borrow a tissue?  My response was, "No! I do not want it back!"




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