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Each year we send out a holiday letter of the important events in our family. Without realizing it we have preserved family memories and it has become a great way to see what happened each year. Our children have looked back and fondly recalled all of their past experiences. Our grandchildren now enjoy learning family history.

Be creative with today's technology and make it a visual and auditory experience.

Ten Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break -@spencerideas

3 Ideas For Taking Care of Yourself Before the Break The Principal of Change @gcouros

10 Tips to Manage Holiday Stress | World of Psychology

:Holiday Math How many gifts are there in the holiday song The Twelve Days of Christmas?
How many total candles are lit for Chanukah? Kwanzaa?
Answers at bottom of this page

Chanukah or Hanukkah
The Festival of Lights

Judaism 101 Chanukah

Chanukkah (in Hebrew)

Hanukkah - The Jewish Festival of Lights

Hanukkah can be spelled in many ways:

Hanukkah   Chanukah   Hanukah   Hannukah   Chanuka   Chanukkah   Hanuka   
Channukah   Chanukka   Hanukka   Hannuka   Hannukkah   Channuka   Xanuka   
Hannukka   Channukkah   Channukka   Chanuqa   Chanuccah

The Story of Chanukah

Hanukkah Videos

Teacher Guide to Hanukkah

How Hanukkah Works

Hanukkah Fun

Hanukkah Games

Hanukkah | All About the Holidays | Social Studies | Video | PBS LearningMedia

Hanukkah Activities, Projects and Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan: How Much Oil Would You Need?

Lesson Plan: Probability and Spinning the Dreidel

Chanukah - ESL Library

ESL Holiday Lessons - Hanukkah

JR Hot Sites - Jewish - Holidays - Chanukka, Chanukah, Hanukka

Chanukah Handprint Menorah

Hanukkah Menorah Shape Collage  Activities

Cute Menorah Paper Craft

Make an Alphabet Block Menorah

Craft a Star of David Sun Catcher

Make Hanukkah Star Stamps from Potatoes

BOXING DAY December 26th

Learn about Boxing Day Video

How to Celebrate Boxing Day
also known as St. Stephen's Day

History of Boxing Day

Boxing Day - ESL Library

Christmas Traditions in England,
Scotland and Wales
(A British Christmas)


How Kwanzaa Works

Kwanzaa Videos

Lesson Plan: A Story for Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Lesson Plans - TeAchnology

Kwanzaa | All About the Holidays | Social Studies | Video | PBS LearningMedia

Kwanzaa Lesson
EL Civics for ESL Students

Kwanzaa - ESL Library

Kwanzaa - History Channel

Kwanzaa Games

December Holidays - ESL Library

Festivus (Secular Holiday) ESL Library

Charity Checkers

Charity Navigator
America's Largest Charity Evaluator

For Charities and Donors - U.S. BBB

American Institute of Philanthropy
Charity Watchdog Helping Donors Make Informed Giving Decisions

GiveWell | Charity Reviews and Recommendations

Winter - Snow Fun Page

Winter Holidays Around the World

December Holidays - TeAchnology

Photography and Art
by Cybrary Man

Quilts by Gail B.


December 25th

Google Santa Tracker - Code Lab

Christmas Around the World, Christmas Traditions and
Celebrations in Different Countries and Cultures -- whychristmas

Christmas Celebrations Around The World

Christmas Fun, Games & Activities

Holiday Apps

Best Holiday Apps - Common Sense Media

Free Christmas List - Android app on AppBrain

8 Must-Have Holiday Apps for Kids - The Tech Edvocate

Holiday Sites for Language Learners

Christmas - Links to Free Online ESL Worksheets, Lessons..

Holiday Videos, Songs and Movies

Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs | All Your Favorite Christmas Music

Kids Christmas Songs | Lyrics and Chords
for Kids Christmas Songs

Christmas Movies - Classics & Modern-Day

How Christmas Works

Christmas on the Net
Welcome to a Celebration of Christmas

Christmas Activities, Lesson Plans and Projects

Christmas - ESL Library Beg

Christmas - ESL Library High Int

Santa Claus and Christmas at the Northpole

How Santa Claus Works

Polar Express - Little Giraffes

Polar Express Math Exercises 

ESL Holiday Lessons - Christmas Eve 

ESL Holiday Lessons - Christmas Day

Christmas - Giant List of Free Lesson Resources
Esol Courses

Lesson Plan: A Christmas in Poverty

Christmas Themed Math Pages PreK-5

Christmas Games

Ornament Sequencing Game

Christmas | All About the Holidays | Social Studies | Video | PBS LearningMedia

Gingerbread - LiveBinder

I helped on the one above.

Holiday Math Answers

There are a total of 364 gifts
in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

44 candles are lit for Chanukah

7 candles are lit for Kwanzaa

Quilted projects pictured were made by wonderful wife

Toys page

Holiday Cooking & Recipe sites

New Year page