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The Career of Cybrary Man

Jerry Blumengarten

Educator/Writer/Educational Consultant
previous schools:
Sinnott Magnet School for Health and Health Careers
Berriman J.H.S. 64 -George Gershwin J.H.S. 166 -
Gateway Intermediate School 364

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Highlights of The Life and Times of Cybrary Man - Jerry Blumengarten

The following are excerpts from some of the letters that I received during teaching career.  I have all of the originals.  I also have a collection of letters that I received from students which I enjoy reading from time to time.  Great memories.

February 19, 1969 - Berriman Junior High School 64

On this date I started teaching career. I am eternally grateful to the following teachers who helped get me off on the right foot: Pat Corr, Ed Kennedy and George Nader.

February 16, 1970 - Berriman Junior High School 64 "A Study of the American Revolution" - "This total group effort under your inspirational and devoted guidance, provided a built-in motivation for a sustained and integrated learning experience." (Lazarus J. Braffman - Principal)

June 18, 1970 - Berriman Junior High School 64 "Your senior celebrities and Berriman Eagle publications are eloquent testimony to your abilities." (Milton Greenberg - Principal)

October 18, 1971 - Berriman Junior High School 64 "Your study of East New York is an exceptional piece of work." (Milton Greenberg - Principal)

June 22, 1972 - Berriman Junior High School 64 "Mr. J. Blumengarten, a teacher in our school and a coach of the 1972 New York City Junior High School Track Championship team, is being honored by Con Edison at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, June 29th." (Sy Rosen - Assistant Principal)
(Helped coach back to back City Track Championships at Berriman J.H.S. 64 and George Gershwin J.H.S. 166 in 1972 and 1973)

January 25, 1973 "I read with great interest your detailed report on East New York, and found it to be an accurate account of the ethnic, economic and racial changes which have occurred in the last 15-20 years." (A. Frederick Meyerson - N.Y.S. Senator-15th Dist.)

November 8, 1973 "It isn't often that a teacher receives a trophy from his class. You really deserved it. In the year that you have been at our school, you have been a tremendous asset to our teaching staff. I wish to thank you for all of the work which you did in preparing the youngsters of Class 8-A to participate in the televised lesson which you taught at Station WNYE, Channel 25 TV, November 7, 1983..." (Nat Rothman, Principal Gershwin JHS 166)

February 11, 1974 "We would like to invite Jerry Blumengarten to participate as panelist at a luncheon of the Social Studies chairmen on Thursday, March 14th at 12:30 p.m. Jerry Blumengarten's work seems outstanding, and he made a fine presentation at a Career Education Workshop at the New York Times in January..." (Frances Low - Open Doors - Public Education Assoc.)

March 7, 1974 "On January 23, 1974, Mr. Blumengarten's presentation at the New York Times workshop was considered one of the best sessions because teachers were inspired by a classroom teacher on how he opened doors to the real world for his students..." (Patricia R. Reilly - State Project to Implement Career Education)

January 31, 1975 "As you return to your professional true love, the teaching of social studies, I want to reassure you that we in the English Department do not feel like rejected suitors. Quite the contrary, your colleagues and I are grateful for the time you spent among us maintaining, in your out-of-license assignment, your characteristic levels of teaching excellence, concern for your students and cooperation with your fellow teachers..." (Elroy Berkowitz - Assistant Principal - J.H.S. 166)

May, 1975 "On behalf of the faculty and students of the School of Education, I wish to thank you for your participation as a Cooperating Teacher in the "Performance-Based Undergraduate Program for the Education of Teachers at Brooklyn College" during the Spring, 1975 semester..." (Irene Impellizzeri - Dean - Brooklyn College- City University of New York)

April 5, 1976 "I wish to thank you for taking part in the Economic Education section meeting at the New York State Council for the Social Studies Convention, in Syracuse. The number of teachers attending your presentation on neighborhood studies is indicative of both the relevance of the topic and the excellence of the presentation..." (John Youngers - Executive Director - New York State Council on Economic Education)

April 6, 1976 "Looked at "Me" and Neighborhood today --its super! But why limit it to 8th grade? It's general applicability to community study (wherever in the curriculum) is fantastical..." (Donald H. Bragaw, Chief- Bureau of Social Studies Education - State Education Department)

October 8, 1976 "I wish to invite you to become a member of the NCSS Advisory Committee on Urban Social Studies Education for a three-year term beginning in 1977..." (Howard Mehlinger - President NCSS - National Council for the Social Studies)

September 27, 1977 "Please accept sincere personal thanks for agreeing to serve as Chairperson of the Urban Social Studies Education Committee in 1978..." (Anna Ochoa - President - NCSS - National Council for the Social Studies)

September 30, 1977 "It is extremely important that while attempting to provide students with the latest developments in specialized subject areas, we do not neglect those basic skills necessary for modern urban living which we, as adults, take for granted. The materials prepared by Mr. Jerry Blumengarten, teacher at Junior High School 166 in Brooklyn, has ably addressed itself to the problem of helping students learn and practice these basic skills. An Open Doors curriculum development project, Survival Skills, provides teachers with lesson plans accompanied by simply-worded, clearly presented, instructional materials. Children are given problem-solving exercises in such areas as using public transportation, calling the appropriate city service agency, evaluating merchandise, and practicing interpersonal communication skills..." (Charlotte Frank - Unit Head - Curriculum Planning and Policy Unit - New York City Board of Education)

October 27, 1978 "I am sure you will agree with me that the Energy Field Seminar was an outstanding educational endeavor. It provided not only an insight into the acquisition, production and transmission of energy, but also into the economic, societal, and environmental implications... It was a distinct pleasure meeting you and having the opportunity to be a co-participant with you in the seminar activities." (Edward P. Ortleb - President - National Science Teachers Association) - Note: twenty educators from all across the United States (representing all educational levels) were chosen to participate in a ten day all-expense paid energy seminar in Arizona and New Mexico)

December 5, 1978 "It is pleasure to inform you that Jerry Blumengarten, J.H.S. 166, has been selected as a curriculum writer in the project that will prepare the social studies sections in the revised edition of Teaching Minimum Essentials: Scope and Sequence, K-9.." (Albert Post - Assistant Director of Social Studies - New York City Board of Education)

March 30, 1979 I want to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for your participation in our teacher-training clinic at the Northeast Regional Conference of the National Council for the Social Studies, held in Boston... Your contributions added a crucial perspective to the session... (Margaret M. Murphy - Coordinator, Economic Education - Johns Hopkins University)

October 8, 1980 "...This letter is an official invitation to become a member of the Academic Freedom Committee of NCSS for a three-year term (1981-83). This committee considers and recommends actions and policy statements to the Board of Directors, the membership at large and state and local councils on various aspects of academic freedom..." (Theodore Kaltsounis - President - NCSS - National Council for the Social Studies)

December 7, 1982 "A curriculum bulletin is only as good as the skills possessed by the classroom practioner. While we are very proud of our "Citizenship in New York City" bulletin, it takes a person like Jerry Blumengarten to make it come alive. On October 5, Sue Woodman of the British Broadcasting Company and I had the privilege of observing a class taught by Mr. Blumengarten...It is obvious to see why Mr. Blumengarten's students are so turned on to social studies. Ms. Woodman is preparing a radio program to be aired in Great Britain and on the entire North American Network. The "stars" of the program will be Mr. Blumengarten's class..." (Lloyd Bromberg - Assistant to the Director Social Studies - Division of Curriculum and Instruction - NYC Board of Education)

February 16, 1983 "NCSS is a member of the National Coalition Against Censorship, a small networking organization. We would like you to be our representative at meetings this year..." (Carole L. Hahn - President - NCSS)

October 5, 1983 "On behalf of Chancellor Alvarado, I would like to extend an invitation for you to represent the New York City Board of Education at a conference, in Albany, sponsored by the New York State Education Department to discuss and evaluate a position paper prepared by the Board of Regents called "Civic Values." It focuses on the place of values education in the K-12 curriculum..." (Elliot Salow - Director I.A. Social Studies Unit - New York City Board of Education)

May 23, 1988 "Jerry Blumengarten, an educator from IS 218 in Brooklyn, was one of 100 top teachers across the country selected by Scholastic Inc. to attend its Editorial Advisory Board Conference on Saturday, May 21st. The national conference brings administrators and teachers from elementary through secondary schools across the U.S. to provide advice and commentary on Scholastic's extensive line of educational materials...Jerry Blumengarten serves as an advisor to SEARCH, the bi-weekly American history magazine. SEARCH reaches more than 112,000 students in grades 8-12.

September 29, 1989 (Letter written to Jerry Krieger - Principal I.S. 218)I am most pleased to summarize visit to your school library on Thursday, September 28, 1989. The complete renovation of the book shelves and the reference section; the excellent periodical section; the health careers and paperback sections; the author of the month display -- all combine to make your library a revitalized resource unit for student-centered learning activities. Undoubtedly, the creativity, concern, enthusiasm and professional competence of Jerry Blumengarten will make your library a vital adjunct to your school's daily instructional program. (Leon Weisman - Language Arts Coordinator - District 19)

April 13, 1990 "I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the fine job you are doing with the library facility at I.S. #218. Your exceptional program was like an oasis in the desert. Keep up the good work..." (Michael G. Fischer - Associate - State Education Department)

December 13, 1993 "Thank you so much for hosting our Middle School Librarians meeting in your library. We are grateful to you for allowing us to have the pleasure of experiencing a library that is being used for just what a library is intended to do. Your library is conducive to reading, relaxing, concentrating and getting away from the "hum-drum" of life itself. I am extremely happy to see how well your library is being utilized, not only by the children of I.S. 218, but by the staff, parents, principal and visitors..." (Dorothy E. Mathison, Ed.D. Director of CA/SS & Libraries - District 19)

March 22, 1999 "Just a short note to personally thank you for all your efforts in helping to make Friday's visit by the Deputy Superintendent and her staff a successful one. As always, it is a pleasure to hold a conference in your library. Aside from the fact that it is possibly the best Middle School library in Brooklyn, you have made the space very warm and inviting. Thanks also for your presentation to the principals and facilitators on how you have managed to use technology to its fullest in supplying teachers and students with the most current information available on the Web. I apologize for having usurped the time from our students who use the library on a regular basis." (Ron Attivissimo - Principal - Sinnott Magnet School)

October 28, 2000 "Cybraries (and the cybrarians who tend to them) are scouts out on the cyber frontier who are classifying and categorizing the wealth of riches available to educators and students. This week we celebrate these newfangled information specialists who persevere to bring us the best resources available by thinking outside the box. Thanks to ..Jerry Blumengarten (our very own cutting edge cybrarian) for submitting recommendations for this week's issue! (Walter McKenzie - Surfaquarium Consulting - Innovative staff development - Innovation Teaching)
Five Teacher of the Year awards:
1 from George Gershwin Junior High School
4 from Sinnott Magnet School for Health and Health Careers
Two Track Coaching Awards:
1 from Berriman Junior High School 64 1 from Community School District 19
Retirement Letter