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Web Page Design

Best Options for Purchasing a Domain

How Your Website looks on different browsers

Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots

Test Your Website in Different Screen Resolutions

ViewLikeUs - Check Sites in Various Resolutions!

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)


The HyperText Markup Language

Angelfire - HTML Library

Dynamic Drive
DHTML(dynamic html)
& JavaScript code library!

Composing Good HTML

HTML Goodies

Google Analytics

Free invisible Web tracker
Hit counter and Web stats

Web Site Legal Issues (BitLaw)

U.S. Copyright Office

ColorJack: Sphere (Color Theory Visualizer)

HTML color codes

Site Meter - Counter and Statistics Tracker


Way Back Machine - Old Websites

TECH NOW: How to make your own website for free

A Beginner's How-To Guide for Creating Websites

How to Make a Website: Guide to Web Creation, Design & Styling

Webmaster Tools - How To Create A Website From Scratch

Creating Blogs and Websites: Free Technology for Teachers

How to create a classroom website

Bounce A fun and easy way to share ideas on a website

EducatorPages: Free Website Builder for Teachers

School Notes

Tackk Content Creation + Sharing


Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog

Wix: Free Website Builder | Create a Flash Website

URL Shortener -

bitly | ♥ your bitmarks

Create a Web Page Video


W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Designing School Web Sites to Deliver

2 Create a Website

Web Toolbox (Kira's)

Response-O-Matic: Free Form Processor (add forms to your Web site with no programming!)

Creating Web Pages (Introductory Level)

File Dropper: Free File Hosting for Mp3, Videos, Music, Documents